George Clinton Shares Stories About Hiding A Crack Pipe From A Teenage Chelsea Clinton

first_imgNo name is more synonymous with funk music than George Clinton. Having led Parliament-Funkadelic, aka P-Funk, for decades upon decades, Clinton’s psychedelic influences helped to define a genre.Reflecting back on his years of success, Clinton sat down with the New York Post to share stories from his past, in advance of his forthcoming memoir, Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You?Clinton talks about his beginnings, playing in a band called The Parliaments, and the merging of that band and Funkadelic to create P-Funk. The article talks about the flamboyant costumes – Clinton says “I actually got freaked out when girls wanted me, because I figured they were weirder than me!” – and on-stage drug use, and even features a quote from Clinton about LSD’s effect on his digestive system. Clinton: “The thing about acid is that it ruins your stomach — it’s acid, after all. We were eating a lot of soul food at the time, too, so basically, we all spent hours in the bathroom and had more hemorrhoids than you could imagine.”The legend opens up about his use of crack-cocaine, unabashedly telling what is easily the best story in the interview: A teenage Chelsea Clinton came backstage after a show and asked for a picture. Startled by the Secret Service, George was forced to conceal a red-hot crack pipe in one hand while shaking the first daughter’s hand with the other. The subsequent picture was printed in People magazine. “You don’t give a f–k when you’re on crack.”Another time, he spent a night in jail with Sly Stone, as the duo were busted for possession in the parking lot of a Denny’s. And while drug use may have taken a toll on him financially – “I was running around and getting high. I didn’t pay enough attention to business” – the artist is still working on new music. He has an album out with Kendrick Lamar, with the same title as his memoir. The memoir is due out today, October 21st.last_img