2020 Florida Primary Election Results

first_imgCindy Lerner (Runoff required with Raquel Ragalado) Florida Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee announced that preliminary election results show that more than 3,890,947 voters exercised their right to vote during the election. Circuit Court Judge Group. 18 Daniel Perez (REP) Incumbent District 24 US CONGRESS: District 20 Rodney Harris Sarah Leonardi District 23 Supervisor of Elections Keon Hardemon (Runoff needed with Gepsie M. Metellus) Residential Seat 1 District 117 District 22 DISTRICT 5 District 102 Circuit Court Judge Group 50 Fredericka Wilson (DEM) Incumbent Estaban Bovo (Runoff election needed with Daniella Levine Cava) Carlos Giminez (REP) Shannan Ighodaro Phoebee Rebecca Francois. Clerk and Comptroller Frank Ledee Andre Williams District 104 Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (DEM) Incumbent District 35 Lubby Navarro Rene Garcia Group. 12 – Debra Moses Stephens Gordon Weekes (DEM) District 81 Saulis Banionis (REP) Lois Frankel (DEM) Incumbent District 88 Perry Thurston (DEM) Incumbent David Borrero (REP) Residential Seat 3 COMMUNITY COUNCIL 8, SUBAREA 82 – Alethia Emily Hinds Anika Omphroy (Dem) Incumbent District 96 Christine Hunschofsky (DEM) GROUP 75 – Roie Anette Aponte Here are the preliminary results from the Florida primaries: Dennis Moss (Runoff required with Luisa Santos ) Felicia Simone Robinson (DEM) School Board – District 9 GROUP 65 – Denise Martinez-Scanziani County Court Judge Group 27 COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT 3 Maureen Porras (DEM) Katherine Fernandez Rundle (DEM) District 95 School Board Member Eileen Higgins (Runoff needed with Renier Diaz de la Portilla) Natasha DePrimo Mayor Bruno Barreiro (REP) Joe Scott (DEM) Omari Hardy (DEM) GROUP 24: Christine Bandín Group 3 – Jean L Enwright (DEM) BROWARD COUNTY District 105 Tina Polsky (DEM) Christopher Benjamin (DEM) Alison Gilman Oliver Gilbert MAYOR DISTRICT 7 District 39 George Odom Jr. (Runoff needed with Dennis Bailey) Harold Pryor County Court Judge Group 22 Greg Musselwhite (REP) District 29 Patti Englander Henning Thomas Fabricio (REP) H. Wayne Clark (REP) Joseph Abruzzo (DEM) Maria G. Marino (REP) Bobby DuBose (DEM) Incumbent District 33 Results of the Primary Election August 18, 2020 At-Large Seat 5 Circuit Judge Group 16 County Sheriff District 5 – Frank Anthony Barbieri, Jr. District 9 District 112 Dale Holness (DEM) Incumbent Group 30 – Jamie Goodman District 1 – Barbara McQuinn PROPERTY APPRAISER Debra Hixon (Runoff needed with Jeff Holness) DISTRICT 5 Dotie Joseph (DEM) Incumbent Javier Fernandez (DEM) District 101 District 2 – Alexandria Marie Ayala FLORIDA SENATE State Attorney County Commission Supervisor of Elections COMMUNITY COUNCIL 11, SUBAREA 114 – Christian Cevallos Voters hit the polls on Tuesday for the August primary in Florida, after record-breaking mail and early voting. PALM BEACH COUNTY DISTRICT 7 District 108 School Board – District 3 The Winners District 1 COUNTY JUDGE Kevin Chambliss (DEM) DISTRICT 13 COUNTY COMMISSIONERS DISTRICT 1 GROUP 55 -Joe Perkins DISTRICT 3 Brenda Foreman STATE ATTORNEY, 11TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT District 94 . District 107 COMMUNITY COUNCIL 14, SUBAREA 144 – Kelli Ann Thomas Tim Ryan (DEM) Incumbent Marie Woodson (DEM) DISTRICT 9 Joe A. Martinez Circuit Court Judge Group 30 GROUP 67 – Mavel Ruiz District 103 District 26 SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER Christi Fraga (Runoff required with Mara Zapata) Lucia Baez-Geller (Runoff required with Russ Rywell) Alcee Hastings (DEM) Incumbent James (Jim) Pruden (REP) Kion McGhee (Runoff required with Elvis R. Maldonado) Shevrin “Shev” Jones (DEM) Laura Loomer (REP) Dale C. Cohen Maria Elvira Salazar (REP) Wendy Sartory Link (DEM) GROUP 57 – Carmen Cabarga Gregory Tony (DEM) Incumbent COMMUNITY COUNCIL 15, SUBAREA 154 – Christina M. Farias CITY OF MIAMI GARDENS Kelly Skidmore (DEM) DISTRICT 11 MIAMI-DADE COUNTY Shannon Campbell Jean-Pierre Bado (DEM) District 27 County Court Judge Group 31 Ric Bradshaw (DEM) Clerk of the Court Circuit Judge 15th Judicial Circuit Linda A. Alley District 21 District 116 FLORIDA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE County Public Defender Robin Bartleman (DEM) Carla Spalding (REP) County Court Judge CIRCUIT JUDGE, 11TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Port of Palm Beach Group 16 – Jeffrey Gillen Pedro J. Garcia District 114 GROUP 9: Miquel ‘Mike’ Mirabel District 7 Circuit Court Judge Group 27 Group 2 – Katherine Waldon (DEM) County Sheriff DISTRICT 9 COMMUNITY COUNCIL 14, SUBAREA 146 – Steven M. Greenlast_img