Engine punishment mechanism and coping strategies of Shanghai Dragon Master comprehensive analysis o

2. core keywords to be punished. Is the site of the main key words have been punished, and other keywords and long tail keywords ranking is normal. This is the time to consider is not your website external links too much, or is not spam links, external links anchor text inside this high concentration is the main reason. To do is external link optimization to moderate, anchor text should be diluted, not all the anchor text was that a few words, the amount of focus on, search engine will feel more natural.

D. was deleted after complaints of violations.

A.robots.txt document, file set to prohibit search engines.

In fact,

search engine is not found cheating will be punished immediately, the punishment mechanism similar to the integral system, like a naughty schoolboy mistakes in school, a teacher in the eyes two times three times, four times in mind, then may give a warning, then the situation serious to some extent will call the parents. Similarly, each found a suspected of cheating, the search engine will give the site a certain integral, when is it that you cheat accumulated to a certain extent, you will be on your site for different degrees of punishment. So the owners do not have luck, to know the search engine algorithm is also in constant improvement, and cheating hurts the quality of the search, the user can not search for useful information on their own, the search engine will be used if things go on like this? So the search engine is to cheat without mercy.

when your website is ZhengZhan delete after the first thing to do is to check what kind of this kind of.

In addition to the above several common >

1. ZhengZhan delete. This is the most easy to judge, with the site instruction: check if the site is included in the page until now all have no, may be the search engine ZhengZhan delete. The reason is that normally several:

3. all the keywords ranking all drop. This is not only the core keywords, is the site of all keywords is greatly reduced, such as previous search keywords of your site is always ranked in the home, and now suddenly drop to dozens of pages later, it was time to make sure your website has been punished.

B. server has a problem, the site can not be crawled by search engines.

a little experience of Shanghai dragon Er all know that in Shanghai dragon, black hat and white hat is not very clear boundaries, so in the process of Web site optimization, can not avoid some webmaster do not understand the mechanism of search engine, also do not know how the case was identified as search engine cheating punished.

C. is a serious cheating, search engine punishment.


search engine punishment of many types, there are three main types of.