How to get out of the web site keywords ranking real cycle

cheating technology, such as the black chain, the chain chain, buy a lot of garbage;




for the majority of the Shanghai dragon er who believe that you would have had this experience, to optimize the one or two months or even longer in the site, dedicated to the broken heart, while the keyword ranking is not moving, let people feel puzzled and frustrated at the same time, the more is the boundless despair, even have doubts about Shanghai dragon, can not say the keyword ranking to the home page, is the heart of all Shanghai Longfeng webmaster pain, but the pain again, do not find the reasons, find a method or not, because it is still not go.

3, the content of the website serious plagiarism. A copy of the other website, corny, included are very difficult, not to mention the ranking;

2, improper positioning. Not relevant keywords and enterprise choice of products and services, needless to say, ranking nature instead of

keyword ranking does not go on, what are the reasons?

2, not enough to pay. Shanghai dragon is the most taboo no execution, even the best strategy of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon again good method, not to perform, it is just an idea, is not the rankings and scores. Want a simple update through several articles, a few hair the chain will push up the rankings, it is usually not possible.

any one of the above reasons may be the cause of the site keywords do not delay in the network world, Shanghai dragon er who has a profound understanding, so, after many years of practical experience.

analysis on the whole, the website keywords ranking has not up, there are two main reasons: conventional


is a novice webmaster. The Shanghai dragon basic operation skills is not mature, analysis of data, strengthening skills do not understand, do not make the site optimization in place;

included a little less traffic?? keywords competition difficult? Or are there other factors

1, website orientation. The construction site before, we must first understand the user population and they can provide the service at the same time, combined with the characteristics of the industry for their own custom style website types, such as green food production often can not be used for machinery enterprises;

6, the use of ;

optimization overweight trace. Do site optimization must not be optimized in order to optimize, ignoring the user experience, search engine and users don’t love

after all, site optimization not up most of technical problems:



7, the server is not stable, the site often isn’t open, directly affect the optimization effect.

5, does not meet the user experience of the website structure. Too long or complicated structure so that the user could not find the required content, visitors bounce rate will be high;