The second home 18 days included in the page diary

when doing a website first to observe and statistical user needs to be a good site useful to the user site, we must first understand what is the industry or the keywords the user needs, the user clicks on the trend of what must be done, the added value of ascension, when you grasp the needs of users, so to increase the added value of him so you’ll catch user traffic do " cool ".

, Shenzhen, after moving too far, Linfen, Jilin, Changchun these local search volume is the largest, so our users may be do these areas. We understand their own products according to this analysis is correct, such as the production of the most of the remaining customers it must be thrown.

search area


then, we love Shanghai index query

Again, we see the


third, and the last one is certainly a black cat or go out of the brush, which we don’t need to bother, then the middle part is not particularly relevant to the US without

first, we according to the search engine to give us some conditions to love Shanghai stainless steel with the drop-down entry will appear

OK by more than four times to collect statistics we know, user demand for stainless steel strip and search trends.


case: stainless steel with the site to do specific examples

According to the case:

and some of the Related words, we find that the precision stainless steel strip is in line with the user search trends.

1, click on the relevant industry and statistical analysis, the user search keywords long term trend

stainless steel strip

For example,

2, given the needs of users and increase the added value of

we have to know some of the needs of users.


that this week is our users for the product of 301 materials of the greatest demand, so we know the first needs of users, and then enter a look for

Through the

We will take the first The

finally, not a word, they will have their own unique users to search more >

301 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel belt, 201 stainless steel belt, stainless steel band, precision stainless steel strip these are the user searches for the word of the stainless steel belt is relatively large, so their users need is something.


, the first user analysis