The webmaster to pay attention to whether the relationship between the love of Shanghai

webmaster for website related content is easy to understand, the correlation content is for the website content, content is divided into very relevant, general, not related. Then love Shanghai give the weight of these samples sites are different, I see the website content webmasters are not relevant, such as: the web content is obviously on the "hair" content, but the content is not a station, collect some content about the emotion class, then love Shanghai spiders don’t grab, may be directly put it in the sandbox or directly by K. So the webmaster do stand, must be content related, or at any time is K ready.

three, correlation chain

two, correlation


What is the relationship between

, a related content


many webmaster, for the love of Shanghai was not very understanding, why say so, some webmaster for the correlation between what awareness, some time ago heard of love Shanghai for more and more attention to the relationship, but many Shanghai dragon ER did not pay attention to, the correlation is divided into: correlation content, correlation between promotion and relationship between friends chain. Shanghai Longfeng food brother (from seborrheic alopecia) continued to tell the correlation analysis of importance here, and in the end there is no advantage to the ranking.

As shown in figure


related promotion, promotion points two kinds, one is between the Forum promotion, two is the relationship between the blog promotion. Correlation between the promotion of forum as we all know, such as "hair" website, you can go to the relevant forums to promote hair, if used in relevant forums fixed every day, then love will pay more attention to the Shanghai station. The blog promotion, many owners do not know how to operate, the blog promotion, this is actually very simple, everyone to the registered blog, then changed to "hair" related to the title of the blog, as shown in figure

What is the relationship between the

from Shanghai station, love more and more attention to the relevance, is very favorable for ranking. Webmaster >


chain, is the relationship between Links, each Links Shanghai dragon ER who will choose peer exchange Links. The correlation between Links, there is no profit for the website ranking, in fact, favorable.

I analyzed

and blog address can be changed to related hair loss, then love Shanghai will think in more and more relevant website promotion, this is related to the promotion, the weight will gradually improve.

this is my new weight loss website, Links are losing weight and beauty correlation results give more weight to love Shanghai, plus 5 a day between the forum and 15 blog promotion, then ranked in just three months rose second