Opportunities and challenges for webmasters to start their business on the nternetLine created this

statistical data compiled by Bloomberg show that if Line achieve the goal in the IPO, which will become the largest IPO this year, science and technology enterprise scale, bring a rare bright spot for the IPO market approach death. Although the world has more than 160 private company valuation reached or even exceeded $1 billion, but this year the science and technology enterprises in the IPO, there is no company financing more than $150 million.

said that the Internet business, attractive, is an opportunity, but with the challenge, but also to share my understanding of the Internet business

sources said investment banks, Nomura Securities, JP Morgan chase, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs will act as co – underwriters of Line’s initial public offerings.

I tried to do a few websites, a mall site, another is the enterprise website, although now very competitive, unlike ten years ago as the competition so small, they are on the Internet to set their own position, I still think so, the Internet has a lot of potential after all, is not in many ordinary families, there are many enterprises do not have their own enterprise website, still in development, it also inspired me, let me have the confidence to spend a few hours a day to work a few hours on the Internet, I think it is worth, I think in the business, although it is not earned the money on the Internet, do not have a clear direction, but I feel that I am worth, I believe that hard work must have a return, there is no short-term return is normal, who just Starting a business will flourish. There’s a hard time. It’s time for you to be tested. I will be able to live in the top second, if the location is wrong, I also do not affect what, I have my own work, this is just my amateur life, it has enriched my life, let me live every day is very full, and I exercise, I used to be a very a lazy person, I now, is a very execution, adhere to the people, also improved my writing ability. I think I’m satisfied.

valuations slipped

sources said that as one of Asia’s largest instant messaging applications, Line is preparing for initial public offerings in Tokyo and New York in mid July. Line aims to raise $1 billion to $2 billion, valued at $5 billion to $6 billion. The news also said that Line chose to raise half of the money from U. S. investors, aiming to extend its reach to the North American market following the expansion of the Southeast Asian market. According to sources, Line has been profitable, roadshow activities in this month’s end, it will become one of the highlights Line link.

, this will be the second time for Line to test the water for initial public offering. In July 2014, Line submitted a listing application to the Tokyo stock exchange. Line was valued at 1 trillion yen $9 billion 200 million, the source said. Since the IPO efforts crashed by the parent company of South Korea Naver control Line then replaced its chief executive officer. Naver, which is listed on the Seoul stock exchange in South Korea, has risen by 7.4% this year.

Tencent Francisco June 6th message, according to foreign reports, the Japanese instant messaging applications Line planning IPO in Japan stock market IPO, is expected to become the largest IPO this year, science and technology enterprise scale.

entrepreneurial contacts, connections is popular, Internet entrepreneurs also need to go and people from all walks of life to make friends, to deal with.

, this is my four summary in the Internet industry, although very short, but >

positioning in entrepreneurship, unlike in real life, open a shop, someone will buy, and the Internet is the face of the masses, only to cater to popular products in order to have a good development on the internet.

, with investors including rich countries investing, has been lowered from the end of last year

Internet business is like in real life, need funds from investors, not to say that the Internet is not money, it also needs to recruit people, personal world is difficult to become bigger and stronger, the capital operation is the key.

products in your business, what products do you have, what you do, and what products you have

"Internet" a word for having heard it many times but also a new society, the mainstream words, know the development of the birth of a new thing it will lead to related industries, especially a powerful information platform, people say "the Internet era, the Internet brings opportunities to the grassroots. The same is also facing fierce challenges, also achieved a number of dreams, similarly in the Internet industry, the recent study, also think how to venture on the Internet, the Internet entrepreneurs need what, and what I have a dream, I have ambition, little tangled, where can I find the business objectives.

The decline in valuations of

Line during its initial public offerings reflects a slowdown in the company’s user growth, and the enthusiasm of the market for technology companies for initial public offerings has cooled. Statistics of CPA firms in Yongan shows that the first quarter of this year the global science and technology enterprises through the IPO to raise about $900 million, far lower than the same period in 2014 of $6 billion 500 million, and $2 billion 800 million for the same period last year. Bloomberg’s statistics show that this year’s largest technology companies initial public offering, for the Australian logistics software company WiseTech in April this year for the initial public offering. At that time, the company raised about $130 million.