Google business layout a comprehensive inventory of search advertising is still the mainstay

web browser: A


today, Google even began to bet on hardware. It has also become the largest in Google history, even a transformation of greatest risk. The success of Google? Whether it has been struggling to explore? In order to better understand the situation, we decided to review all the non core business of Google, and one by one grade:

and Android are the same, Chrome is also a larger target service to ensure that the third party will not be blocked Google browser service. But the browser can indeed provide fast and stable.

Android has become one of Google’s killer

The Google The reason

has A-, but not A, is only one reason: iPhone first quarter contributed more than $24 billion in revenue for apple, but not Android help Google make too much money, because this system is free for all manufacturers use. Google said the company annually through mobile advertising revenue of about $1 billion, but many are from other platforms including iPhone.

Chrome has become the second largest in the world beyond the Firefox browser

Android has become an important business of Google’s $50 million acquisition in 2005 of the basic framework of an intelligent mobile phone operating system, in less than 5 years, Google will build a Android intelligent mobile phone platform leading.

intelligent mobile phone: A-

has become a giant Google, still mainly rely on advertising revenue

from a strategic perspective, this may be irrelevant. The main purpose of Google is through the success of the Android to avoid competitors such as apple blocked Google search. However, after the acquisition of Motorola (micro-blog) mobile, Google may actively deploy revenue plan.

Chrome and Android are very similar. In this market, Google is also the rookie identity into a mature market, and quickly changed the pattern of. In 3 years, Chrome has become the world’s second most popular beyond the Firefox browser. The size of the Chrome still lags behind IE, but each year have been installed to hundreds of millions of new PC.


  Google (micro-blog) need to diversify. After 14 years of development, the company still has 95% of its revenue from online advertising, and most are derived from the search. This is not for lack of trying. Over the years, Google has launched many new products in the search, although many has important strategic significance, but most are not too much for its contribution to profits.