Shanghai dragon began the twelfth chapter from zero website ranking negative factors

link can make your website fast, that is Shanghai Longfeng toy nouveau riche and Nouveau riche. The search engine to sell links do not love the link with the purpose of weight transfer station. Don’t love owners with a few tips to get the link, for example, I am the master made a convenient service plug-in installed in the site can be displayed on the home page, to provide some simple query functions such as query area telephone number to the users, query ID number, hidden links to hide their website in these inside these are all, you may be affected by the website ranking, the search engine will give you hidden links a certain weight, but in the course of time will find the results, find your website ranking, you have been implicated.

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to optimize the "Wuhan Shanghai dragon " words, can I have three labels set Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Wuhan Wuhan Wuhan Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon dragon description set Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Wuhan Shanghai Wuhan Shanghai Wuhan Shanghai dragon dragon dragon dragon Wuhan Shanghai, did not give the website:

If the

1, the website cannot open.

website cannot open the search engine spiders can’t grab, spider can’t grab it will think you this site without the user experience, search engines want Internet users have a good user experience, if the site is not open to spiders crawl would not talk about the user experience, search engine will think you this site is a low quality web site

2, a large number of copy reproduced.

wants to make a website was quickly K key words fast ranking not how to operate it, give it a lot of junk links, low quality links, if 1,2 is a low quality will not cause great impact on the site if the link is a large number of spam links ranking will be affected. Now I love Shanghai in the background to reject junk link function, so to combat competitors in this way has been out of date. It can completely solve the competition or not, before the emergence of a large number of spam links before Scindapsus do now to help remove what to do, you can reject these spam links in Shanghai management background in love.

5, three key words

4, link behavior.

search engine is not excluded because the content can be reproduced, reproduced for readers to know what they want. But everything has a degree, the webmaster to grasp the scale. Do not recommend a website are 80% reprint articles, although readable but no intention of the site. Search engines love their database "new" text, "new" information set of the title of the website to help you think of the title of prior input to a search engine to see back is not a piece of red. If your site is lack of what his article is likely to bring great negative impact to the website ranking.

3, a large number of low quality links and link spam sites link.