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first, we must accumulate their own industry contacts and circle. We know that Shanghai Er dragon is the biggest characteristic of a person in some of their loss, fight a lone battle, feeling out of society and groups, if they choose to go it alone, must be in the unconscious of the accumulation of their own industry contacts circle, such as you do so, building materials or do you have your own circle of contacts of the two yet, I do optimization sometimes orders, my clients are from a lot of resources before he served me by QQ group put these resources accumulated, many are from the list of friends, more than just a case of resource accumulation, if we were to choose entrepreneurship must be in the early stage will you have to do the industry contacts to gradually accumulate. Methods the accumulation of resources very much, such as the establishment of the relevant industry, WeChat group to some industry exchange name card to spread yourself out, or to run the business is done in our development for their day after the best way.

as everyone knows, with the rapid development of the Internet and e-commerce, Shanghai dragon industry competition is increasingly fierce, many Shanghai Longfeng workers hard work in exchange for the unknown to the public is love Shanghai hit the industry also play fast and loose, the salary is low also led to a lot of Shanghai dragon are willing to try something new, well, this time a lot of the thought of Shanghai dragon Er began planning their own entrepreneurial path, then, as a Shanghai Longfeng personnel in our business to do those early accumulation of resources? The author discuss with everybody.

third, the conditions allow to find some friends together. Early because of limited business may work alone also feel very good, but we must change the way, with the business volume increased personal energy is limited, and the moment of any one industry are filled with a lot of competition. After all, a person’s ability is limited, so when the time is right to choose their own friends and friends is very important, the formation of the team shipped the collective power of clear division of labor advantage let technology specialized technology, the salesman to do business, such cooperation also greatly enhance the complementary advantages of resources, and can be used maximum effective information.

fourth, a late customer maintenance and return visit. I think a >

second, their target customers choose accurate. As a webmaster may our initial investment is very limited, then cited a famous saying good steel must be used wisely, we want to play our webmaster to its own advantages, the cost of each of which should be the best preparation for the end of the transaction, such as the Shanghai dragon optimization promotion core words, through love Shanghai bid to find the target precision of the customer, to excavate the effective information through the establishment of industry QQ group, in short, once the location of the goal is clear, we will play their own advantages to minimize the cost for maximum return, so the early screening for target customers are very necessary to do.