Through the chain of love Shanghai encyclopedia website page settings

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the first page in the chain do to meet the needs of the users of

is not said in the chain all layouts are useful, because sometimes we get in the chain we are doing useless work. Because there are a lot of links we have no reasonable distribution. Thus we do.


third website layout to streamline the

why NOKIA have thousands of models and finally to decline? And Apple products do a success? Why is this? It is good to do subtraction. Many times we are looking for an excuse for yourself, why? Because when we do in Shanghai Longfeng are for ranking. When we know. In the chain we can improve our long tail keywords ranking time. We started to do a lot of referral. A large number of such useless links let within the pages of our website to hang. Is the inside pages by K. Only included the home page, in fact most of the time we are doing some useless. How to do subtraction. This is only useful. So in the chain is of value.

what the user needs is the user demand we offer they need it. This is the user’s needs? It’s not, we can not meet the needs of users is, we can only meet the needs of users in some aspects. Many times we when the user needs to do is not the user wants. We are going to consider the problem in the stand on our own point of view. Don’t you like this? There are a lot of design are from our own ideas, rather than the user’s idea. This design is not the user experience but in violation of user experience.

second sites within the chain layout to do subtraction

Everyone will want to ?In

when we are in love Shanghai encyclopedia on the row in front of some nouns of keyword search. Why love Shanghai Baike have such a high ranking? Most of the time we will find that there are a lot of encyclopedia in the chain. But these are the Shanghai encyclopedia chain of love. We can understand the chain for these chain high weight. When a page has a lot of high weight of the chain to his ranking is not good is strange. In fact, we analyze it we will find the chain set is very reasonable in depth. At the same time, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love is also a good place. The chain is in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love setting is for the user needs to set the. Everyone in the Shanghai encyclopedia will browse love found. The text links with everything in Shanghai encyclopedia which are useful to the user. And the user can through these links to find the content they want. This user experience, do you think he can do it no longer home

is actually a lot of people are complaining about love in Shanghai in favour of their own products, most of the time is to love Shanghai very good products. We do not complain about the love of Shanghai products. We do too ranking does not go on. So how are we going to do