Novice Suchi love Shanghai know five unspoken rule extension

said this, is the problem of efficiency. Many people think the answer, so the final effect is good, in fact, not. You answer, be deleted too much, users see your advertisement is also more a contemptuous disregard. So you’re not doing promotion, you are a love Shanghai toil. A lot of people to answer the unified arrangement, and as long as the relevant industry, regardless of the consequence is the answer, sorry, your answer is rubbish. This brand of "show" the answer is not willing to accept the love of Shanghai.

in Shanghai love to know the pursuit of quantity, so the questions are too similar, the same, the statement text form, the tone and wording are similar, this way will certainly be a problem, even if approved, in the love of Shanghai know, over a period of time will automatically be deleted. Because love Shanghai know that the problem is not through the audit will not be deleted, on the contrary, when it is deleted without any notice, without warning, but the problem has disappeared.

many webmaster know Shanghai know love weight is very high, when the general search long tail keywords, love Shanghai itself in the front row, so many owners are very love Shanghai because of its promotion, add a lot of long tail keywords on its own website, is not as direct in Shanghai love to know to do long tail traffic, and also have a good conversion rate. But for some webmaster, used to optimize keywords Shanghai dragon himself, accustomed to the forum post, for the love of Shanghai know understanding is not too clear, and today we summarize our love with Shanghai know five "cannot be generalized in".

love Shanghai introduced to know the platform itself is for the convenience of users, service users as the first task. But many people use this platform to promote their products and services, which has an impact on the development of love in Shanghai, so it must be restricted, for the same account number and IP address frequent questions of the account will filter is very powerful, stand in common, a personal problem too much certainly, this is not normal, for the love of Shanghai is also very easy to use technical means to solve.

first, the same question can not be too trivial

I think this truth everyone understand, but in actual operation, often overlooked. Like the accumulation in the web site keywords, today a accumulation of a pile up, tomorrow, to the end will imperceptibly exceed the standard. Shanghai knows that sex promotion is a truth, you want a little effort, was soon adopted as the best answer, then your account has accumulated a suspicion, when accumulated to a certain time, love Shanghai not only closed account, also have a bad impression on the account on the web site and brand. We don’t ignore the search engine technology, they are senior engineers.

fourth was adopted, not too fast

second, problems can not be too similar to

Some account

third, the answer can not be unified arrangement of