Small talk about Google PK love Shanghai user experience

Shanghai: Xinyang introduction of love (Bai Ke), Xinyang (NICE), weather map (love map of Shanghai), the government website, Xinyang Post Bar (love Shanghai, Xinyang Post Bar)

Is the first

I always think that this function is a very good idea. But many small search engines (soso, Qihoo) also adopted this preview function.

again is fairness: no coincidence in the left for. Out of this topic (paid for the privilege itself is not fair). From the word out of the results, Google search out the products more fair, even their biggest rival products. Love Shanghai results in 5 out of 10 Shanghai is love their products. Love is really the product of Shanghai to do better. (Wikipedia website seems to be a lot of Oh).

2, with the quality of the main

Shanghai dragon er children’s shoes, contact and study the search engine is probably the most loved Shanghai and Google. As the two giants of the search engine. A foreign "strongman", a local "big brother". Always affects the lives of users and network trends. Although the last to avoid the way back, left. But it is not just left us back, there are a lot of.

accuracy: the word "tea", is accurate for this individual. My purpose is to search the basic information about the. In line with the needs of my search. But both from the search results and differences. There has been a picture of a mall there.

1, I love the Google preview.


Xinyang Shanghai dragon in Google preview experience

is legibility: small when we all love comic books (also called comic books, the estimates are 80 before memory). With very awesome. Is love, it is more intuitive than text alone, get information faster. Paoti, return to the topic. I want to say is that the layout of a reasonable distribution map and text, it is easy for the user to find him.


Xinyang Shanghai dragon in Shanghai in search results

is smart: I search a place: Xinyang (my hometown) love Shanghai and Google respectively results:

we have because web Trojan malicious we disrupted the pure desktop. Because there is no rush to find data points the finger hurts. The preview is just perfect avoid a lot of trouble for us,

as the search engine users, we hope that the search engine is fair, accurate, more intelligent, rational distribution and easy to read. Then the two giants do not? We want to review how much good? With a map with the truth: (in a search engine, the word Maojian)