Some enlightenment from the Shanghai love chain collective diving

second, micro link found another problem, that is the chain like Chinaz master and Admin5 master did not seem to be affected by what? But the increase in the orderly. Some of the original article submitted the inspiration in the Admin5 and Chinaz in the micro link. We all know that published in Admin5 and Chinaz articles can add original website address below. And there will be a lot of mainstream websites. This is a core step of the chain. It is also found that when the micro link in the query of the chain, the chain which shows the love of Shanghai basically only Admin5 and Chinaz host articles and some relatively large website reprint articles. This illustrates another problem is that many of these two websites reproduced and collecting the website included sure love Shanghai has been greatly affected, so this also raises second questions: that is, collection sites and site reproduced in this update are sure to greatly.

this morning after getting up as usual still open a computer, see the habit in the morning today, love Shanghai and included keyword ranking chain. Suddenly found himself site love Shanghai chain are powerful enough, directly from 5000 down to only 41 of the poor. Then check the next few friends of the station, so is the case. And then immediately ran to the webmaster forum to look at other webmaster friends met and whether the same situation. We all know the results of the. That is all down badly.

through the chain this kuangxiang. The micro link, but found several problems, it is this morning went to the Admin5 forum and Chinaz forum sent the article to leave the chain, love Shanghai immediately included, but when using the domain:www.***贵族宝贝 command query today love Shanghai chain, did not seem to find the chain there today. There is before the Admin5 forum and Chinaz forum forum signature chain also seems to drop much. Do not know whether this means that the love of Shanghai forum signature of the chain of amblyopia. But earlier also said the laggards forum seems to have not been what big blow, but also fell. So the problem remains to be linked to the micro observation of tomorrow.

in the face of the major sites outside the chain of love Shanghai collective reduced, some even reduce the dozens of times over. Even outside the chain of the mainstream webmaster forum, nor the earthquake survived. Chinaz forum and Admin5 forum outside the chain from the original hundreds of thousands down to only about 400 (this is too strong point). But the laggards forum seems to have survived. Don’t know is from last night’s love Shanghai love Shanghai or update, the server is not stable. But I have been from two enlightenment and inspiration. Perhaps the love of Shanghai collective chains will produce an unusual effect and the effect of every webmaster.