A PR value for 0 new sites to promote

, a railway station, the chain not too much. Because I love Shanghai for the new station will have a new assessment period, if the chain too much love, Shanghai will think it is cheating to achieve this effect, then the station into the sandbox, and even punishment. Very unfavorable to the website, here to remind the novice who do not take the risk, but you do love Shanghai.

well, said so much, if you have added where can exchange with me, we learn from each other.

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we all know, PR is the weight of a web site, a weight high website on behalf of the site has a certain value, the search engine will pay attention to this website, whether included in, or ranking, there will be a good show. Then a new station, PR for 0, the search engine is not paid attention to this website, the answer is not. If the new well done, will soon receive the favour of search engine. Here I give some comments, I hope to help both novice.

three, pay more attention to the construction of the chain. Within the chain with the chain is very important, but not many new sites outside the chain to do, we can use more snacks and time on the site within the chain construction, the fact that the site within the chain there are many things you can do, such as the distribution of target keywords, long tail keywords, column page and details of the layout of the page. The anchor text link, a lot of things. But many new owners are desperate to do the chain, don’t care about these things, they put the heart on the chain to build more. As everyone knows, the chain can be controlled, well within the chain is of great help for the website ranking.

in the Internet to see a lot of methods for the new promotion, the website is the most original content and the chain. Do two months of Shanghai dragon, also have a certain understanding of Shanghai dragon, also know the importance and content of the chain. The Internet cried every day " the content is king, the chain for emperor " slogan, see more is to know the importance of these two points, for any website, these two points are the main factors directly affect its ranking, then a PR value of 0 new sites this is how to promote? So

two new sites, should do more content construction. Did Shanghai dragon friends know the original content is very important, especially for new sites, if the content is original, it will soon be included. Love love Shanghai original, your station can provide original content, he will come to the day two to three of original articles is very good. So we have to adhere to the original.


This paper consists of

four, Links. Every day with several Links, is of great benefit to the new station, if you can’t find Links, can go to submit some directory, there are some free Links platform, the effect is very good.