Grassroots webmaster your interpretation of relevant knowledge Alexa ranking

Alexa ranking of the specific meaning

second: how to carry out the Alexa ranking statistics

Objective: Today Xiaobian mainly to explain what is the Alexa ranking, how specific statistical data, Alexa rank accuracy and at the end of the article with the webmaster to explain the effect of Alexa ranking for our Shanghai dragon ER daily work.

third: Alexa ranking is the effect of

here to show you a misunderstanding, there are often some partners asked me: why do you have Alexa website ranking, your site is not the weight of relatively high rank? In fact, Alexa ranking and the Shanghai dragon no correlation. Some Shanghai dragon ER will consider to Alexa ranking in the work, in fact, these practices is totally unnecessary, it is a waste of time. A website is good or bad, is perfect because every detail of the website is done, search engine is not to determine your weight and height of the web site according to Alexa ranking.


The first point:

finally under the Alexa ranking since not much of a role for the Shanghai dragon, then why do some station or to improve the Alexa rankings! For some big portal, Alexa rankings can play a very good promotion effect, can promote the good brand, brand effect in the society Xiao Bian here is not explained. But for some of the grassroots webmaster, Xiao Bian told us not to waste our precious time on how to improve.

on Shanghai Dragon

for ordinary webmaster want to understand their own website Alexa ranking it can download a Alexa TOOLS embedded into our common browser, web data to monitor its access to statistics, so that such a data statistics method is not very authoritative. Because a lot of people do not install this plugin. So to this data is not very accurate. For some small sites, because the traffic is relatively low, so in this very little traffic and not many people install this plugin. Your site is really no Alexa rankings? The answer is obviously not.

Alexa ranking in fact is an evaluation of a web site traffic index. The white is estimated visits a website.

Alexa for all ranking is actually not very strange, because when we do the majority of stations in the Shanghai dragon will find the webmaster tools above will have a Alexa ranking index, and when we choose some relatively high cost of the domain name is often with the Alexa rankings are closely linked.