Combat experience how to do promotion forum

Forum promotion we must first prepare a lot of mailboxes and user name, to prepare at least 5 different service providers such as mailbox, QQ mail, Sina mail, YAHOO mail, NetEase mailbox, Gmail mail, mail and other 163. For different user name, registered after the record form. Forum to promote not just to do, we must have a record of their account passwords and usernames do BBS promotion. After the registration of the mailbox, it is a collection of forum resources, we should develop the good habit of collection resources in ordinary internet. There are many ways to collect resources, here is not to explain, a few practical examples for everyone: for example, a keyword search to see all the return results from this forum screening results; see Resources Forum Links; the yellow pages search website resources; "intitle: forum" can be found very the forum.

After a period of time


is in front of some forum operation preparatory work, after the registration is how to maintain a good forum for us, this is the focus of the promotion of forum. Combined with my years of Kunshan network promotion, Kunshan Shanghai dragon Forum promotion experience, maintenance the main points of this number:


2. account to cultivate forum resources classification, can be divided into topics related with the theme, little contact, strict management, management is relatively loose, the classification. At the back of this forum to promote when you can know what the forum.

website optimization blog already written a lot about web site optimization, some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, I will be combined with my practical experience, summed up some external web site optimization – some practical experience in network promotion. In front of the combination of a "new nine chain construction method" I come to share the nine chain construction method how to operate. Forum today we are going to talk about the site outside the chain construction method. To note here, I’m not talking about the forum’s basic concepts, I is based on years of experience summed up some practical experience in promotion of forum, if you want to know the basic concept of the Forum promotion, ask Baidu.

1. for the new forum first to top post, after the account reaches a certain integral to publish some articles, and can add the appropriate link.

to find good resources, then it is registered, generally is a forum for registered mail several different username and vest, best not to contain advertising words let the moderator see objectionable content, don’t let you see the moderator of the ID have to rush to delete your post, another version of the DISCUZ forum a vest check function, when the best registration vest change IP. Don’t forget to do of course after the registration form. (Note: remember to mail registered after the activation mail oh

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