The new examples of how to increase the chain


then look at historical data under small Hunan push the station Domain results. The following figure:

is as follows: A list of

Hello, I am Hunan push kiness. A new station recently a small part of the line for 19 days, Shanghai love to get a good included and weight. The station is a new domain name never registered domain name, registered today January No. 14, No. 15 website online, in Shanghai love to have multiple keywords love Shanghai home. Here, Xiao Bian special to share in the new station site outside the chain construction experience.


in January 25 to 31 domain record the results can be seen, the chain growth is very stable, as of today (February 4th 21), love Shanghai domain results have been reached as many as 497. Why station chain.

can be seen from the figure of the domain name age of only 21 days, but the site through the relevant domain love stand out of the query has reached as many as 457. Here love Shanghai domain results is 497, only love station tools has not updated site data. Many webmasters may wonder why their website the same day issued dozens of the chain, the next day it was K off? And the station website related domain through the home station query, its growth is very stable. Small solution questions for you novice webmaster here. Here Xiaobian to A5 forum as an example, we have to send the chain webmaster webmaster forum of inside hair, hair a lot, but the effect is not obvious, not even. Love Shanghai Domain out of the results was up, the next day and fell, the chain made of N for a long time, the total Domain not see steady growth! Why?! look at the following chart believe you novice webmaster friends will understand.


control the love and love that day included Shanghai included Shanghai can be seen, A5 forum 21 January to 31 days between the amount collected is more than 8000 7000~1 million, but the total amount included in this period are hovering around 1 million 200 thousand. For example, January day 26, included 7670 pages, in theory, the No. 27 A5 forum included the amount should be greater than 1 million 210 thousand, but the reality is the opposite, but dropped to 1 million 200 thousand. Why is this so? Here relates to the quality of web page, although a page was included, but if the quality does not reach the web search engine, search engine over time will K off the page. This is why many websites every day and send a lot of the chain, but one reason the number of the chain is always not to go.

first, small first enclosed site is now in comprehensive query graph webmaster tools, here I stand with love tools, because you can see the age of the domain name. Figure