The website links to the sale of harmful and sinful regrets are down the right site today

it is a webmaster tools query, a query to Shanghai webmaster tools is love, no matter what kind of tools we can clearly see the site of the chain of large-scale fluctuations, especially from the love of Shanghai webmaster tools, we can see a net chain fluctuation station this is thousands of fluctuation for the website is very large, when I was in the operation of the site is to rely on the forum outside the chain and the chain blog started at that time, the chain set up is far easier than it is now, no matter what the forum or blog, as long as you want to establish the chain, with the Internet website of the increasingly stringent requirements, and some sites chose to shut down, which led to my website chain volatility is very large, and this is one of the factors affected from the website. We can see that we are in the process of construction site must pay attention to the stability of the chain, even if the chain is 0 don’t let the chain of large-scale fluctuations, otherwise it is of no use.


regret the original, that I do not follow the love of Shanghai, I do not listen to the algorithm of Scindapsus friend’s advice today an operation for more than five years time the site was finally love with Shanghai, this site is my trump card site, 07 years from the beginning of the Internet now, I spent a spring festival on this site, and today the 13 year in March 7th my website was finally love Shanghai down the right, don’t know this is a sad or lucky, sad is the site is down right, fortunately love Shanghai gave me a chance to have not been completely plucking.

sites are on the link before we started, depending on the content rich, and in the last month, I saw 19 Scindapsus algorithm after the release of the I love Shanghai because my site last year not to regard it as right, love Shanghai large-scale update event ranking does not fall in love with the sea, I think this should not affect Scindapsus algorithm to my site, where would think now this would be the outcome, I present my website to talk about, if you have to see this article webmaster friends also according to your own website and summarizes the adjustment, do not go on my site down the right road.

web site, the site links to reach 70, to tell the truth of these links to one part is to spend money to buy, and love in Shanghai made clear that the algorithm Scindapsus buy links will be affected, I think my site is because love Shanghai judge a problem has been down the right punishment, love Shanghai search engine may not go to the website, but for us this kind of small and medium-sized websites to love Shanghai search engine will still be under the effort to improve, especially I think this website is also in love with ALI slightly altitude hair shortly before, I was is that whether your site will be like Shanghai punishment, but because of carelessness led to the result, the web site is down right, >

Let us look at the

based information website screenshot

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