The website of Shanghai dragon should pay attention to what the details


One of the details:

old routines for the collection of articles, the acquisition is not wrong, if you need the need a lot of content filling it, then it must be collected must be, that is a reason so many websites collect A5 and Chinaz articles, and collected after the love sea will have a good record, here I am the acquisition is not against acquisition, the growth of the road must, above, acquisition is for others, playing advertising, if not so much the collection station, published their copyright information in the article how to save, so, we must thank the acquisition to some extent; but after all is his collection collection we need to focus on optimizing the website can not collect it, such as the original and pseudo original each accounted for 1/3, the other half can find some good articles put up, the need to focus on the optimization of the The site must have a good mind, just like my blog, the article is written in their own, or see a well written article from the Internet, and then express their feelings and opinions, do not want to copy down without any language, what is the meaning of such words is not. So, for some website optimization, if you think this is good, then copy and write their own feelings, some people will think to write thoughts that is not actually make an unnecessary move? Not a good feeling, will let your mind down and then slowly spread, will exercise their own the way of thinking.

company’s brand website soon to be released, also recently to look for details on the website, as long as something to help optimize, as long as there is a significance to the website information can be, I don’t want some boring, fine performance is very helpless, have been in something is easy to overlook the details of the knowledge, but the love of Shanghai about it, or those helpless old is said now or some old, always want to find some practical details of Shanghai Longfeng share, read too many articles, but to see how the same old way, so how to find some complete details in these old ways inside it, there are a lot of people say that as long as the focus on the details of the site is good, the most important is the content and the chain The knowledge, but a factor of the details can not be ignored.


website internal links, in fact, on site within the details of the operation, also find some articles to read, have been looking for some of the more thought-provoking articles and then read on, give yourself an inspiration, here I will say just to see an article on Sina first page details of the article, observation too strong, the address, "love Shanghai design chain portal of Shanghai dragon small details (a)", is written in KYW, very well written, it is worth pondering a good article, finally summarizes the sentence as "1. when a hot topic with new articles on the home page the emergence of new titles, links to related topics (which can enrich the topic in >

The The details of the two: