On the improvement of four points of Shanghai dragon website user experience

4. customer service to the end

space velocity stability, is the best user experience value experience, if not willing to put a little bit, where there will be a repeat visit, stable speed, awesome stability is the key to the art design of the website is a key form, a number of artists can be very website design the atmosphere is very beautiful, whether it is pictures or other, where is where, we see the picture, as far as possible to reduce the size of the picture, improve the loading speed, write the ALT prompt, let Suman guests know that this picture is what.

1. Links should be concise, to understand.

e-commerce site, so customer service is a very important place, have a good customer service is a communication tool, remember one of my classmates in Taobao communication work, every day is faced with some of the complaints of the buyer, so must not be impatient, good customer service is stable and each one wants to buy, want to say, want to ask, and so on.

2. space velocity to awesome, typesetting to atmospheric

interactive website to have popularity, this point can be reflected by comments, said a good article for example, if there is no comment that what a pity, the language is the highlight of this article after the confrontation, either comment or message, good or bad, support or oppose the evaluation is really more to illustrate your popularity here, the two sides sometimes quarrel is win-win, mutual help, this is the power of hype, interaction, including ideas, forms, popularity, and so on, is a door of knowledge.

site links, whether it is the URL address, still need to have the network map, and so on to the planning of the project, from the smallest URL, for example, the Shanghai dragon is placed in Shanghai dragon inside the column, directly see, at a glance, and the network map to attract spiders, let spiders know the overall architecture of my site, so as to improve a good navigation column, for indexing the web spider, etc., will have important meaning, and bread crumbs navigation bar, the user experience is to create, remember, bread crumbs navigation bar on the user experience value, return on the page, to return home, are of great significance.

relative to the US, is a need to make full use of the tools, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to network marketing, SEM, need to improve the conversion rate, the need to improve the flow, need to maintain good customer visits, and so on, the user experience in the Shanghai dragon, is also part of one of the very important, no user experience Shanghai, where there is a good effect is the love of Shanghai dragon, often said, as long as the user is good, love is in support of the Shanghai, shows the importance of user experience.

3. interactive is the key to

then how to maximize the user experience, our website structure fully explains how to practice.

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