Site rate is so high, then fine tune finished!

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may not have heard of fine-tuning, in a small series of understanding, fine-tuning is said to make a small adjustment to a certain page, may be a text, a copy of the revised optimization etc.. But to make adjustments to TDK, but does not belong to fine tune Oh! Because TDK adjustments can often affect the degree of friendly web site in the search engine, so not to cannot but do not move the best TDK

statistical background, such as the bounce rate, a lot of new Shanghai Dragon said, jump out rate is not that said users stay relatively short time, what’s the point? Really understand this is a novice yes! Of course he understood is not wrong, jump out of the high rate of website for users is relatively short residence time, but you have not thought about a page out rate is 100%, mean that this page for users of no value? This time, on the page for appropriate fine-tuning is not particularly necessary?


if you haven’t heard of fine-tuning, you certainly do not know which pages need to fine tune it? In general, those long-term not included the page it is necessary to do fine adjustment. If you view the site log, a page is search engine crawl, but was not included, then you have to think about is not the original content is not high enough, if it is, don’t do what the fine-tuning of

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basically met for a long time have not been included in the page, although we can not change the style, the code, but the contents inside, appropriate adjustments, perhaps the search engine included? You know, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, a page is not included in the search engine.



website is not valuable, first of all we see is that you provide the content is not really able to meet the needs of users, such as small currently operating Anhui talent pool, is a look at the recruitment websites, then do not say anything else, the first number of your resume, recruitment of enterprises must be considerable otherwise, what the site has been mature and certain than? Ps: small are to find a job in a web site, don’t tell others

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a person engaged in the Shanghai dragon, logical thinking ability is certainly not, because a lot of data and have to deal with every day, such as visit, visit the domain name page, search words and so on, you might say, logical thinking ability and these data are related to what ah?! think carefully, any one of Shanghai dragon data. Have the meaning behind it, if you just take it as a data point of view, then I’m sorry, the website continues like this really "hopeless".

personal advice: before submit to the major search engines website, please adjust your webmaster friends each page TDK, later try not to change