Shanghai dragon deep identified do you really know the weights of the website value

is a form of weight value of the site in the search engine, improve website weight is a major component in the daily optimization. However, as a webmaster, do you really understand what the website weight value? The following you with in-depth analysis of the weights of the website how much value.

three: weight offset optimization "negative effect"

the higher the weight, the higher the website rankings, which ranked in the forefront of the search engine is also in the trade has a strong competitive website. But the website ranking is a form, the weight on the other hand, the weight must be decided the elements of the website ranking? Some sites even if the weight is relatively low, but still have a good ranking, why? The weight just website ranking one of the important advantages, decision optimization, internal cause website ranking there should be the website such as: "the direction of development, structure optimization". So in order to take high rank, not to throw them.

ranking just form the weights of the website The

in the website optimization process, the website is can hardly be avoided, if not because the positioning is not accurate, the development process will inevitably replace several templates. Why do we stressed that the new sites don’t frequent changes of their website? The reason is that "weight", new sites do not have how many web site weight. Because it is a new station, itself does not have how many search engines to give weight, such as the light is in revision protects a long time observation period, weight directly by drop right are prone to. However, for a high weight website, revision of the website, the impact is much smaller. The higher the weight, the observation period is short, even revised properly, can quickly improve website rankings and weight. Thus we analyzed that the negative effects of website weight can produce offset optimization of. In addition, such as the replacement of the server is flow attack >

: two seconds just prior conditions the weights of the website

seconds, the best result is all the common pursuit of. Fast one step may be the flow of heaven, a step slow article may be replaced by the hard cast to waste. For a web site, if the content weight high can be behoove seconds, so in order to content included speed, in order to pre emptive, the weight is all Adsense pursuit of the object. However, if there is no website weight, content must not seconds? The answer is negative, the fact that in many instances in website optimization has many websites, or even just built soon after, can achieve the effect. Not AD, the author of "binary network marketing blog is the case example. Here we are apart from the railway station, why can the seconds, but for a new sites, must not have what weight. So just seconds earlier site conditions of weight, but the weight is not the decisive factor of the website seconds.


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