Shanghai dragon Combat put the key words do fourth a month

Zi Ming spent two days time, careful analysis of the keywords users demand, the result is nothing, found the main demand of the keyword has been the top 10 web sites to meet, and did it well. The third day, Jimmy began looking for the top 10 websites only to find their shortcomings, do good, to improve and supplement, have the opportunity to enter the top 10. After a day of analysis and search, finally found their defects, is the "single".

content differenceSince October 11th the The first step of

industry: analysis of user needs

website in the top 8, always floating between 7 and 8, 9, stagnant. Cornered, Jimmy had to re analysis of top sites, the analysis on the content of the website, find the content difference. The analysis found that the content of the front several stations are basically the same, web content to "common problems", "professional", ""

the user demand and content differences should be how to do? The child with a practical case to explain. Zi Ming took over a site in September 26th, is the target keywords "from Hunan University, took over the site, listen to the senior from Hunan University said:" on page second (14-16 floating) have a row of one and a half months, never entered the top 10". Analysis and operation steps of Ming is such.

Er now that many Shanghai dragon love Shanghai ranking has become more and more difficult, even if reluctantly do the first page is very unstable. The webmaster have reason for this confusion, but weakened the role of the chain of love Shanghai, pay more attention to user needs and user experience, Zi Ming think this is the webmaster of the opportunity, because the site optimization now as long as do the differences between the two key user requirements and content.

, third for

fourth days (September 30th) the primary task is to work in the company website, strongly opposed the boss, Zi Ming did not take chengkao Hunan University to delete the contents, but put them in order to a small template, the user does not affect the content of reading tests.

second, website

Zi Ming found the first page of all websites do not single, they both made from Hunan University chengkao Hunan University also made content, content, and the content is only two, not necessarily related, that is to say, "Hunan University" the user does not need to read this content into the Hunan University, will interference users, reduce the user experience of the website.

October 1st -10 7 is National Day during the holiday, during this period there has been no real website, October 11th love Shanghai big update, the website main keywords "Hunan University", "Hunan University undergraduate course" from page second up to the first page of the eighth, sixth. In October 12th Zi Ming published a "single website can quickly enhance the keyword ranking mentioned in this matter".