Shanghai Dragon said broken two or three things


there is a very important point is to dare to doubt, search engine. Many of my friends said, I never did what the station cheating, but is rather baffling love Shanghai K away. However, this time, if you really can not find their own reasons, so we must dare to doubt is not love Shanghai fire database adjustment to their site? Love Shanghai each adjustment will K a lot of the station, but also to many station right, of which the amount of data it so, who can guarantee that not harming the masses of


these days, there is no mood to talk about what work. But these days more profound impression should be a Monday night in YY, listen to Zac teacher’s Albert Ge chat Shanghai dragon that something, then a few more important feeling also recorded, share out.

, not interested, don’t do it

three, always skeptical spirit


four, K station, do not complain, search engines do not owe you

what love Shanghai just a web search platform, you have to give it to K or K 10 Fen, it is not you should not have any complaints. So only conscientiously do their own website, this is the most important, if the whole day spent complaining about the above do not look for solutions, then ultimately hurt or our own.

now all the network above Shanghai dragon skills, has been sung like a can recite fluently from memory, for example in the end page H tags in where, how to arrange the chain, structure layout and so on. These questions are likely to be a good website basis, but it is old, what to see now, there is no doubt that the user experience. In fact, the user experience this thing now has been said too much, but it can really effectively from the user’s point of view to start doing stand, can have several

Duirenduishi never absolutely recognized phenomenon, even if you are an expert in an industry. Especially in Shanghai Longfeng industry, because the search engine algorithm almost every day in the update, when you said yesterday is still a factor which is more important today algorithm updates, No. So we must have the spirit of doubt, especially for some of the "famous" language.

two, technical things can do a little, the user experience on

how do you say, in fact, this is the point I is approved. Because I walk on the road of the Shanghai dragon is entirely because of interest, imagine if only because of the life force, you can stick to update the site now at 12 a.m. in the first two can be, but for a long time? We all know that Shanghai Long Fengru fruit don’t take, want to make enough money to live, or very difficult. So, when we have no interest in the Shanghai dragon, or give up for good advice.