The latest secret Sohu micro-blog can achieve rapid ranking of Shanghai Dragon


(3) let love Shanghai included in your micro-blog: in Shanghai Post Bar just send a post with a stick, you not logged micro-blog address (p address: 贵族宝贝t.sohu贵族宝贝/p/u/ you ID), love Shanghai Post Bar posted the end that closed, so the spider can lead over you the micro-blog

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recently spread a Shanghai dragon rapid ranking, advertising language is: Shanghai dragon fast ranking 1 minutes. Features are: no site, no chain, no software, without boring work every day, you can get a fast and stable rankings and precise flow. Also admire, the fate of Shanghai dragon Er began to change; the most classic one is, what is time? You know! Oh, the emergence of a new product often lead to many of the classic advertising language, the new products are more creative than

for everybody!

(4) with a view P format micro-blog address is loved in Shanghai included (贵族宝贝t.sohu贵族宝贝/p/u/ your ID), check whether the home page keywords. (a few minutes after the test, and your keywords on the front page of

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do not need a station, without a huge investment of time, without a solid chain and content, convenient and fast to get the ranking. Not only can quickly get traffic, but also can be used as an effective chain. We can try, is not difficult at all, micro-blog than the free blog, stand easy!

testing for key words by your name:

(1): micro-blog mailbox registered Sohu can use 10 minutes to activate the account name: micro-blog mailbox settings for the keywords you want to optimize personal profile; set up with keywords content.

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Sohu micro-blog

Sohu micro-blog steps Shanghai Longfeng rapid ranking:

that this method is really so God, I was curious, heart itch really want to buy, and later learned that in the city of Shanghai dragon group, is actually Shanghai Longfeng fast ranking Sohu micro-blog, don’t really want to know? What specific is how to do it? For what happened is Sohu micro-blog and Tencent and Sina micro-blog not? Why Sohu micro-blog can quickly rankings? Ranking can stable? For there will be fruit, there is. Let me

(2): micro-blog micro-blog content to contain your keywords (stacking, keywords) and add to your promotional products (such as product links or link guest guest website Taobao);

Tencent and Sina micro-blog micro-blog can see the content of others only in the login state, and careful people will find the Sohu micro-blog in landing state can also see other micro-blog content, this.