Timeless English Shanghai dragon search engine optimization scheme

time is fleeting, the Internet search optimization by black hat technology has been brilliant to today’s decline, the search engine becomes more sophisticated, if you want to talk it, then advise you to leave as soon as possible in the industry of Shanghai dragon.

if you want to stay in Shanghai dragon industry for a long time, must pay attention to white hat techniques. Webmasterworld贵族宝贝 station in 2002 had written an article, this article has still to be called noble baby optimization ranking bible. According to this article the central idea, Ting Hui Shanghai Longfeng think if a step by step to do according to his plan, certainly can achieve the effect you want. Accordingly, I list some requirements to do English station, ready and able to operate on several new sites.

domain name according to his statement to the best brand name, not stack keywords approach. Here, I do not agree, we are small owners, different than the big team operation, should choose correlated with the writing theme of the domain name, for example, if you search for the word coupon code, you will find the keywords this covers to close all the top few, if it is to establish the brand (retailmenot贵族宝贝) is certainly ranked team action, by checking the anti chain software you will find the retailmenot贵族宝贝 website has a lot of government websites and Association Web site of the chain, which is sponsored by the station, as long the impossible.

return to Shanghai dragon origin, we should focus on the core value of the search engine, away from the black hat. Time tries all., you want your website is the Han Dynasty Su Wu, Ming dynasty or Wei Zhongxian

? website design


web design as simple as possible, which is beneficial to the noble baby spider to index your web pages, recommend using WordPress to frame, it is very friendly to Shanghai dragon. Forget those beautiful Flash, JavaScript, return to the most pure document editing. Use the way of logical arrangement of site hierarchy, appropriate to increase the keywords in the directory.


if you want to minimize the cost, rely on Google a year to build a successful website, Ting Hui Shanghai dragon need to do the following:


1, domain name registration

page is as small as possible, keep it under 15K, of course, this is hard to do, but the most effective, regardless of the search engine or visitors are very effective.


space must be independent of the IP space, avoid you do a lot of work finally because others lead you to cast to the wind violations. Space access speed must be fast, must be stable, the money must not province. The size of the flow space Advisory host, how much space per day can carry IP, then calculate your page size, taken together.