With the help of the four core need to choose web site keywords optimization tool

first, search keywords in the search engine search. We both love Shanghai or by Google index trend, selected search volume keywords, we have to remember that in search engine search keywords such as the number of pages in a general love Shanghai included, the author is engaged in network security, the author found that the total number of pages through the search of love Shanghai search network security to find relevant results about 1460000. More than about one million, so the author brief introduction, according to the number of results we can determine a level of competition we selected keywords. The number in the 10W usually keyword competition is not very big, we can consider the optimization of words. The search volume between 10W-100W belongs to the medium competition terms, if have some resources or related experience, his past, it can be considered a choice, search volume more than 100W 300W up on the middle part of the hot words, to do so is relatively not very easy, must have its own mature operation strategy and the operations team, keyword search over 500W belongs to the fierce competition of words, or not in place resources recommended for novice friends not to choose, we generally choose medium words, of course has a mature management team and sufficient funds to support the friends choose high competitive words is not a bad idea. I suggest you keyword search volume according to the introduction, in general, love Shanghai appropriate mining, according to its own strength and orientation of the website to choose their own words.

with the development of electronic commerce, have been involved in e-commerce companies in recent years, various websites dizzying, showing rapid growth such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like, although the domestic e-commerce market is still not mature, but the site targeting, to find suitable for their own keywords positioning the company for the website is one of the many just engaged in optimization promotion operators an urgent problem to be solved at present, keyword selection directly affect user groups and target customer facing websites, and the conversion rate of our company website product, and influence our website post operation cost optimization problem, the author and colleagues today to talk about the selection of key words a few points, we choose as far as possible competition is relatively low, and the conversion rate of search Cable high amount of words, although many high-quality words have been divvy up, but we are careful to observe to study, or be able to have a share in the. Well we continued into the short gossip topic today, website optimization keywords in the operation process analysis should pay attention to those key problems.

second, observe the Shanghai index of the word love. Love is love Shanghai Shanghai index for a word in a statistics for a period of time, with a wavy line form reflect changes in the amount of search words in a period of time, usually in Arabia as a digital record, generally love Shanghai index with higher values shows that the vocabulary in Shanghai love search the number and frequency of the more, we certainly should as far as possible.