The WordPress independent blog optimization

more and more people join the ranks of Shanghai dragon, which is a large part of no website production technology rookie Shanghai dragon er. However, there are more and more people began to have their own independent blog, and most of the independent blog using both WordPress and Z-blog open source program built. As a member of the Shanghai dragon Er rookie, although he will make a technology ", only to a point of web technology, still cannot build a powerful independent blog. So, choose a powerful open source wordpress. Why? There are two reasons: 1.wordpress is a dedicated blog program.2.wordpress is a very friendly to the search engine program, with the program, as long as the content is not a problem, we do not have to worry about the problem of.Z-Blog open source web site currently no practice, no experience, do not discuss.

of Shanghai Longfeng rookie Er, have an independent blog, not only to practice what they have learnt in Shanghai Dragon technology, and able to witness his growth in Shanghai Longfeng road. Therefore, is very important to do independent blog. So do the independent blog optimization has become an indispensable work of bloggers. There are many optimization methods on the wordpress blog on the Internet, but not for every growth in Shanghai dragon Er, to be good at summing up and share learning experience, growth experience. Blog site optimization optimization and other types of WordPress and does not have what difference, this blog system even more than the general search engine friendly website more easily. Usually, the wordpress blog optimization in the following aspects:

The addition of Use the

All in One Pack:WordPress Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon plug-in, most cattle is a All in One of Shanghai Longfeng Pack, set up a website title, description and keyword, the website is more in line with the Shanghai dragon.

XML Sitemaps: is the nobility baby blog add xmlsitemap plug-in, automatic generation, automatic updates released after the article, can submit to Google webmaster tools, Google included rapid increase.

Akismet: is a plugin for spam > prevent blog

WordPress site, from unsuspectingly to slowly familiar with, which has experienced countless questions and difficulties. Good at using search engines or global WordPress professional people will find the strength of the WordPress is a plug-in. The plugin is a major feature of WordPress, there are lots of powerful plug-ins, strongly recommended the early establishment of the station with the plug-in:

1. Shanghai dragon plug-in