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for medical Shanghai dragon, in the optimization and promotion work, the construction of the link is essential. However, for connection, against the anchor text has many doubts. For this, I have to share with us what is the anchor text today, the role of the anchor text, anchor text in medical articles specifically how to layout

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anchor text link text: add anchor text is published at the station. Is the essence of the website optimization, simply, the anchor text is "the link with the text". Can be a word, a group of words, can be internal or external links links. According to the Shanghai love content capture principle, an assessment can be used as the anchor text of the page content. Because, normally, increase the link page will have a certain relationship with the content of the page itself. Therefore, the major role of the anchor text.

3, modified the user experience, increase the readability of the guidance, consultation;

1, reduce the bounce rate;

at the same time, we should pay attention to, in the chain in optimization, we should pay attention to the keyword density is too high, but also can not completely within the chain optimization and increase in the chain, this is very simple of the lost quality, but also because the keyword density is too large to be considered excessive optimization of search engine. So, we in the usual writing and publication process, first point will be in chain anchor text not too single, the chain keyword density should be moderate, not purely for the optimization and the chain. Just master these three points, I believe that we published in the inside and outside of the station, you can successfully master the optimization in the chain anchor text optimization.

after all, the anchor text is the finishing touch in the chain of soft Wen, an

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in site optimization, first to determine the site keywords, and then through the keyword appears in the content to the corresponding page with the anchor text chain. Here to remind the editor compatriots within the site chain optimization, worthy of attention that should pay attention to the anchor text keyword popularity (especially page anchor text can be column page connection), don’t use the anchor text keywords single.

2, improve the pages included and keyword ranking;

home page weight is very high, which is the most common spider climb, but the home page, may not be able to import more, so it will have a large web page can be difficult to get good weight chain effect many deep, at this time. The spider through the article page link, can climb get deeper pages, thus increasing the chance, in the page, and the weight of the site to promote violence.

The role of the anchor text:

sum up, said so much, how to use the anchor text?