Keywords Lifeline website optimization to achieve the optimal effect

choose a huge number of search keywords, it is better to choose a high conversion rate less search keywords, especially on the product website, so a lot of artificial customer service can save the expenditure, can make the website more efficient division of

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home key number of the best control in three to three below, this weight can focus on the site keywords optimization, have a positive effect on the website, once too many keywords can lead to weight concentration, any one of the words can not get good rankings

2. select keywords tool



through the webmaster tools and keyword search tools to analyze the keywords competition degree, under normal circumstances, after the choice of an industry to the main website keywords are selected, the selection steps are as follows:



three, long tail keywords


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two, the main key wordsKeywords

according to the different types of Web site, the choice of keywords to difference processing. General site can be divided into two kinds of product sales and service categories, the overall demand for profit or to form the website form, through the needs of users to buy products or services to earn fees and advertising fees, is the fundamental purpose of the webmaster Shanghai dragon, the choice of keywords to achieve a reasonable profit website better!

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keyword is the result of search users personalized, to combine their own ideas and Thoughts on the demand analysis, the owners have to understand and professional nature of certain of its own website industry, so think of the keywords have certain limitations, so to achieve the best effect can find friends to find keywords investigation, in line with the user the search results of

Er all know that most of the traffic of the site pages from a website, usually is by keyword super long and clear to their own website, so the flow of considerable importance to the website, you can through the detailed research of long tail keywords to achieve a foreign website profit of Shanghai dragon! Er (like Amazon’s Shanghai dragon expert) once the works of "the long tail".

online keyword tool lot, but want to find more valuable keywords you need to pay for keywords providers, which makes the website of Shanghai Longfeng budget for big promotion, the main site of such expenses may not be what to think, but through the website profit earn living expenses will need to consider the webmaster, in fact, the webmaster can select keywords!, through the search engine products such as: love, love Shanghai, Shanghai know Wikipedia love Shanghai Post Bar more important is the Google webmaster tools