How to share your love of Shanghai know fast home

this is a very important link. We have a lot of friends in the group reaction questions will be deleted. I have encountered this problem. May be because our industry is more sensitive. They do care, and I do is SMS SMS software, this sensitive word. Especially after a few days ago the country under the approval of Shanghai, in love know is the biggest problem is reflected on the second answer is to delete, delete seconds. But after a few attempts and adjustment, I found some tricks. Inside here is the biggest trick is supplementary. Want to do the home page, so your question must meet your keywords, but also will not be deleted. So we must say something inside in question. The word such as sms. I was in the supplementary question if such as we are in the XXX industry, I would like to ask those SMS company SMS is reliable. The required quantity is relatively large, qualified, professional service. Must be calm when asked, not contrived to do a few key words superimposed. Never once an account IP to do a similar question too much. The best 2 to 3 questions for a ID a IP. One day not to mention similar problems.

before the time of the exchange, many of my friends say Shanghai is very difficult to know at home. I have also been confused, but determined to do. A few words that every day on the home page, analyzing their question time, ask questions, answer and so on. In the last several efforts finally occupied 2, 3 in the first position of the first with keywords.

here I want to say a few of my home several times in time >






answer I don’t write here, many advanced methods, plus external chain. As long as you can with it. It should be noted here that the content of the answer. Don’t do that AD answer. And you must not repeat the answer. I also do a lot of templates to answer questions, but to be deleted, cut the risk of. Do you have to finish. Take care, stand in the angle of the questioner answer the question. Finally leave the chain. Also please do not put their number to get the best adoption rate is too high, more frequently change ID and IP account. I am now every answer to the 3 question is a change of ID and IP. Anyway, the trumpet can also add the chain. I am now in the hands of all new accounts. Only a level 5 account. The other is all new.

well, nonsense not say, now I will say that I do it.

I contact to promote the work of less than half the time, does not know the actual sex Shanghai time, but many and many friends. Your private spare time is a lot of attention as you know the answer. Try and summarize a lot of experience. Today I will share my love to do know Shanghai home experience.