Drowning fish hidden links found on the chain of

is different from the first two, because it has no hidden words in the article, just like the other color set to the color of the text, like normal text, do not put up the mouse is very difficult to find a link.

in the forum you will sometimes see a final article or other places, there are some very small dots, when put up the mouse will find this is a link, it is conceivable, it proved that the phrase "not only did not".


and I just started doing some similar work, I also asked a lot of people, which belongs to the hidden links, no one answer. Then they checked some information, also know some, I understand the hidden links is difficult for users to see the link below, talk about some I often see the hidden links:


this link is only in select or see the code to see, of course, the user will not be done above, he read instead of the link, but the search engine can see, it will be based on a series of your code to determine whether you cheat.

2 is very small, the link can not detect

3, link color and surrounding text like

forum is a good place to send the chain, I often find some forum to post inside with the chain, however, often see some hidden links will post, to improve your keywords ranking, drowned in this fish to remind the novice webmaster, this method is to optimize the behavior unfair, do more will be search engine punishment. Keywords ranking did not go up, but was deleted, you don’t have more miserable.

I often see these, in fact, there are other hidden links such as hanging black chain, this is also a kind of hidden links, but I only heard not seen, so there is not much. The search engine also has a certain number of years, does the above small action can not find it? Don’t forget who is in control of it. You don’t wait for luck, punish you when you do not eat them even regret.

above is my personal thoughts, take out the alert novice webmaster to legitimate optimization, don’t cheat, or will not try. The author drowned fish (贵族宝贝5unk贵族宝贝/), said not good place please point out.

1, the anchor text color settings into the page background color