Enterprise how to do well in web content optimization

two: the contents of the several

1) content range:

product evaluation, use, installation, technology, life inspiration, 10 pieces of content must have at least 7~8 can bring traffic flow, can not contribute to the basic value, the enterprise itself very few people read the station. (how we can get traffic will be mentioned below write articles).

stand for the enterprise, inside the content of this article is an indispensable component of the boring properties in view of enterprise web content, as a responsible enterprise website content editing the daily articles and other friends can be described as "too", then the day in front of a corporate website to write really so difficult?

know what to write on it, what is the purpose of writing, as I write this manual editing content have intention, is to contribute to help new colleagues is a kind of writing intention. But the enterprise station wrote nothing more than to daily update and improve keyword rankings to get traffic etc..

is currently used for the Reading Note: Chief of the company’s website, for new recruits to edit friends reading learning ideas and methods.


2) content source:

4) paragraphs: the piece of content is a paragraph, feeling a finished or the content too much so we can enter the sub paragraphs, if an article is 500 words, can be divided into 1~4 sections.

1) Title: not too long nor too short, that 18 words long, should not be included, the same is short. The title is very important, the title is the first step of writing, see the title will let the reader know the main content. Remember each title to be integrated into the keyword.

The intention of writing:



write, write? The newcomers do not know how to write business website the students may explain the following There are plenty of people who, you sad, well do not say, the beginning of

around the theme of the site, products, core keywords, dynamic company, etc., can not be divorced from the theme of the site.

5): the end to end is not let the readers go? At the end of may also occur naturally a key link anchor text, pictures and other relevant recommendations, which can effectively increase the website PV, reduce the rate of jump out.

: the content, origin, writing intention

2) at the beginning: a good beginning is half of success, beginning to attract people is soft writing skills, our daily enterprise website article can be so, after all, the enterprise website is boring, the first section can remember the natural emergence of a keyword and title text, it can also ensure the point, no search the engine of fraud.

3): around the middle title to write stories, naturally appear 1~3 keyword and the anchor text is (what is the anchor text below about