Develop the weights of the website needs to do this five

for Shanghai dragon Er, what is the most terrible? Is the decline in ranking? Although it is the key to the problem, but I think in the most terrible for Shanghai dragon Er should decrease the weights of the website, this is the most terrible, because the ranking of the key in the web site of the weight level and weight is formed a very complex project, the project is known as a health station because the real needs, many aspects of coordination, to search engine, judge a site weight, than the webmaster to consider, I think the judgment cited several important conditions the weights of the website:

is five

is a correlation, the number two is, three is the quality, the four is continuous, stable

3: the frequency of keywords, like holding a gun, and the gun is not loaded, this is to kill the enemy, but not the bullet is not supporting the launch, here is the keyword density, and the choice of the problem, the key search engine evaluation of website content in title and Description, the two and the content must be consistent, and does not match the site as a whole, so the search engine to weight will be greatly reduced.

2: when the website after the search engine spiders will provide the link according to the home page, and then crawl the page, and the chain is the basis of good series the site the weights of the home page, simply should summarize the content, main content, main content, level clear, link returns series at all levels this is the column between the inner chain need to pay more attention to, and these well within the chain to the weights of the bonus very much.

1: first of all, the content of the website, when the search engine included in the site, type of site assessment, which is a industry, whether it is illegal here, don’t ignore the intelligent search engine, believe that the search engine will be on your site for judgment, such as political sensitive words, are evaluated on your website, authenticity, innovative content, it is also the site of weight evaluation conditions.

4: the chain is the key to the weights of the website, the key is a website of emboldened enough to let us imagine, like a person to vote, leading to vote so that your head, or messenger vote for you that? High weight oriented as can be imagined, the chain like to cast a vote in favor of tickets may play the role of evaluation about the search engine on your Oh! Come to talk about the chain widely degree, we have been debating whether the quality or quantity of the chain? This problem is actually no need to argue, because this is not a quantitative, everyone who could not say what the chain reached a numerical, what is right! So I think outside the chain to the site to achieve the ultimate, to the site of the highest weight vote should be four points (Links is inside).

5: last update frequency under the site’s problems, because the site is not just up there may be a lot of votes, and some weight accumulation is the need for their own.