Basketball Micah Potter and other Ohio State athletes travel to help improve

Junior center Micah Potter and 13 Ohio State athletes traveled to Costa Rica as a part of a service trip. Courtesy: Ohio State AthleticsJunior center Micah Potter was one of 13 Ohio State athletes to visit Quepos, Costa Rica, in an effort to improve low-income communities through sports-related and life skills activities.While in Costa Rica for a week, Potter and the other Ohio State athletes built shelters, planted trees and played soccer with the local children.“It really gave me a perspective to be thankful for what I have here, and it was also really cool to see how willing to help and how happy to help everyone was there,” Potter said.Potter said the Quepos community was appreciative and happy with the work that OSU athletes were doing. Also, Potter and the rest of the group received help from local children in cleaning up the city as a part of their service. “They were all just helping out, and like they were happy to help,” Potter said. “They had big smiles on their faces, it was fun for them.”Although the goal of the trip was to give back, Potter said he ended up taking something back with him to the states.“It really just makes me want to take advantage of what I have and all the opportunities that I have,” Potter said. “Really it’s just, for me, to be able to take advantage of all the opportunities that we’re given here at this great university, and really, with that, taking my game to the next level.”Potter played in 29 games for the Buckeyes last season, averaging 4.1 points per game on 48.9 percent shooting.Potter’s playing time was cut short last season due to a lingering ankle injury. But coming into his junior season Potter said, even during the trip, his focus is always on getting better.“I was still doing as much as I can on the service trip, I had to get up a little early to go jog, take time out of the free time to go do push-ups or whatever, but the time off I was working,” Potter said. “I’m ready to take my game to the next level and, hopefully, this season will prove that.”