Analysis of the effect of and domain name on the site

Google pr:3


by the above two is not difficult to see the problem. "


can explain some of the problems.

: from the first record information, record the name of it is Zhanjiang City Administration bureau.


opened the first look. domain is an important mark of government departments of our government website, specifically for China’s government agencies and other departments.

we first analyze the weights of the domain name

two domain names, the common argument is, and the class domain name domain name other than the weight, the chain weight obtained from these sites is relatively high.

some people may say, the Google PR is not

use love Shanghai advanced search command inurl and intitle check contains the word Shanghai dragon page.

for the government Properties of


Name: Zhanjiang City Administration Bureau

love Shanghai weight: 0


we analyzed from two aspects of the problem.

? Because of the particularity of this 3?


second: we see from the domain name included and ranking.

is a search engine optimization company website, write down the name, use Adsense tools inquires.

: domain name is China’s education website domain name.


can see

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Shanghai dragon friends should have seen about the use of and of the two domain name suffixes do affect the chain on the site the weights of the posts, many participated in the training of new Shanghai dragon may also listen to the teacher after using the two domain name suffixes chain benefits, which I believe most people are agree. But some people even feel the weight directly by using the two domain name site will give the site to bring high.

must first figure out the two names in the end is what to do.

, and on the site in the end there is no effect of