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Ping is to test the network connection status and the status of packet sending and receiving network is a very useful tool to test the most commonly used commands. Ping to the target host address sending an echo request packet, the target host requirements after receipt of a request reply, in order to determine the response time of the network and whether the machine and the target host address of China unicom.

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, but Facebook is not always as striking as it is now. 5 years ago, many analysts said the company was overvalued and suspected of speculation. At the same time, hedge fund manager Denis ·, Gartman Dennis Gartman even missed investment opportunities. He wrote: "the world is not running around the Facebook, never!" now, he might have to change this view, and said: "Facebook has now become an important part of the economy, but also an indispensable communication channel. It’s like a visual crack, which is good for Facebook and advertisers."

is testing the above address address. In the test site in the input space, taking a free three level or two level domain name. Click the test. If the return value is greater than 0.40 seconds to visit. This space must not be used to do. Less than 0.40 to 0.10 of this website is medium level. It can also be careless. Less than 0.10 to fast. So you don’t miss space. This is your last choice oh.

on the web site response test software

analysis showed that, if everyone in the United States and Canada to spend on Facebook "like" or "friends" time for work, to increase the income of $1 trillion and 30 billion for the North American region economy, global income increased $5 trillion. This data can alert us to how big this company has become,

in the United States and Canada, Facebook has 234 million months of active users, accounting for 66% of the total population of the two countries. For Facebook, these users have very high value. In the first quarter of 2017, Facebook received ad revenue of $16 from each North American user, equivalent to 9 times the revenue per user in the Asia Pacific region.

first, we start from the most basic or bought, a lot of friends still do not know what the host website, here, I said about the host to host the general knowledge, buy detection from the following aspects:

Gartman said that 3 years ago, his daughter tried to convince him that he had made a big mistake. But he was still biased against Facebook and continued to distance himself. He explained: "in the transaction, you >

Greater China broadband network has a website response capability testing services. Free online test let you give yourself first before buying a reassurance.

Facebook listing, its chief executive, Mark · Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg said that the average time spent on social network users every day for 20 minutes, the number will be more and more. CNBC analysts believe that now this figure has reached 30 minutes. This means that since the listing, the United States and Canadians spent on the Facebook total time has reached 16 million years. Prior to CNBC analysis showed that Facebook global users there are similar trends.

three: to test the speed of simple DOS command.

is now mostly used in original SP probe?. This file can be uploaded to your space. In the browser: http://s. your domain name / address / file file name. Then press enter. You can see the details of this website which features support. Finally there is a test server. Personally feel that not much use. For example, I have used this pointer to test my own computer. P4-2.6C overclocked to 3.18G. The memory of DDR400-1G, Gigabyte 875 8KNXP. Actually the test results as my another computer P4-1.8A overclocked to 2.88. DDR333-512M memory. Gigabyte 845PE-800 motherboard. Kuangyun.

from the beginning of this section, it really began to explain some of the actual operation, some people are very patient, able to see part nine.

Facebook has a market capitalization of $425 billion, accounting for 11% of all listed software companies in the United states. The number of its global users exceeds that of any country.

May 18th news, according to CNBC reported that the United States local time on May 18th, Facebook listed 5th anniversary of the day. CNBC analysis showed that billions of dollars spent on the social network since the listing could have generated trillions of dollars in revenue for the North American economy.



two: use some ASP pointer to detect your space to support what.


if the Ping is not successful, it can predict the failure in the following aspects: network fault, network adapter is not configured properly, IP eight