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      to say this by VOGATE macro propagation was first introduced in the domestic advertising market in text advertising is not very complex, it is the key link and browsing mobile mouse to trigger advertising exposure effect. Because it is added in the content of the article, the process of reading activities in Internet users, the exposure rate unexpectedly high, but it is not based on the amount of exposure but pay per click advertising fees, so in a sense is "cheap" a number of advertising advertising model.

      now the industry for text advertising or is the advertising words like is no longer strange, at least than the original mode of this kind of advertisement is just entering the domestic network market while the unknown situation has had a change in turn the world upside down. The amount of attention they are already as recently as temperatures rising in a straight line. After all, a new, accurate and efficient advertising model favored by the market is a good phenomenon, reflects the domestic online advertising market vitality.

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      these are just a few text advertising relatively distinct characteristics, and the Internet advertising in the real progress is more than these. The status quo of network is now the number of advertisers are generated for invalid click the "effect" of pay. The invalid click refers to the main website click on its website advertising to increase their income, or click on the Enterprise Competitor advertising nibbling on each other’s advertising budget, the click behavior the purpose is not for advertising interest generated, so is invalid click behavior consumption advertisers advertising expenditures. This is a situation that all the search engine PPC service providers shook his head, because only through technical support is difficult to solve this problem, the more information for advertising ranking, similar to the invalid click rate is more obvious. But when text ads appear, we were surprised to find such a phenomenon has been effectively curbed. Because the key is to rely on the mouse in the residence to produce advertising effect, browse in front of advertising has shown very clearly know what you are doing, know your click behavior the next step will produce what kind of effect. This is a page click on the click in the know is a case of advertising links, so there is no invalid clicks. This is an accurate and efficient advertising model for any advertisers. It is for the viewer to browse the contents of the sex is very strong, do not make your visitors have invalid clicks called. In order to effectively kill the invalid clicks, avoid advertising a waste of money, for those funds was not sufficient for small and medium-sized enterprises is now often said that the "long tail" is the perfect advertising model.

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