Wang Wei the best time to start a business is determined by your heartDo Taobao customers make money

‘s timing of entrepreneurship, he says, is not a good time or a bad time. Tens of thousands of economists toil every day to analyze the big trends and small fluctuations. Millions of stock traders are looking forward to buying or selling stocks or index funds at the right time. As a "good food dock boss" once said, "nobody knows anything." Time, like God, operates in a mysterious way. The timing is out of the question."


he finally tasted the sweetness of the Tao do so, still always looking for a chance to re shot. A net friend gave me a home improvement program source code. I have it completely redesigned, made a guest website, although there are still some traces, but it is also easy to use. It is lucky to say that the website revised a few days, but also several transactions, and commission is full of high, because the turnover is a high commission of the weight loss products.

anger is rooted in Wang Wei’s own growth process, and family life is closely related, and this has become his video site Tudou impetus, he said: "because talent can not display anger.". Great works can’t be seen by more people. Too many people indulge in TV programs that numb the brain."

thank you very much. I’m usually reluctant to speak on such activities at school, especially in such a good university, because I used to like to skip classes instead of classes. I am afraid that I will set a bad example for you.

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technology news May 16th afternoon, tudou before founder and CEO, the spotlight animation founder Wang Wei released innovFest 2013 keynote speech at National University of Singapore yesterday. As for the timing of entrepreneurship, he sees time as mysterious and unpredictable, and the best timing is determined by your heart.

started his website, in fact they are utterly ignorant of the station to do is technology, in their first video network learned web technology, made a single page website no background what, on top of their own choosing high commission promotion goods, a counter on the page, the it spread to the Internet, the website is made. Do stand up, my heart secretly pleased — looking forward to money! Then feel wrong, I see the website statistics, every day only a few IP. Later, listen to users say that the site should be publicity to promote, sh419 ranking will rely on. Due to their propaganda is not appropriate, resulting in the site was punished by sh419 – K station.


is the king of micro, at National University of Singapore innovFest 2013 keynote address:

still has fantasies about making money, so he bought a navigation station for $100. This website has 4-5 hundred IP traffic every day, the person that sell also comes with the home page plug-in of a lock. First, do website is bought in the home, plus a top Alibaba Amoy search promotion code, and here on the homepage of the Alibaba with a guest channel promotion code. Because the flow of this station is not by sh419, but by the lock home plug-in. This part of the traffic browser once you try to unlock, will be lost forever. I’ll find something online that people might be interested in, plug in with the plugin, and then publish it to the web for download. If someone downloads it and hits it, his computer home page will be locked into my website. He will definitely be forced to open my web site later. In this way, the station daily IP traffic can be maintained at about five hundred or six hundred. With the flow of guarantee, the five hundred or six hundred of the flow of some people through my website to buy something, of course, I also have some commission income, although not many, but also a few hundred dollars per month. But by the end of 09 events in good times don’t last long, block, even the domain name before I turn away, the space station is completely out of my.

so, I’m not coming here as an old man today

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I just had my forty birthday just a few days ago. When I was young, I often think of the old man, for example, people over the age of 18, their life is very boring, apathetic. However, I am 18 years old, every birthday will be very pleasantly surprised to find that the state of mind is not bad, life is still honed and fun both. Just a few days ago, I saw the news on Sina micro-blog that the United Nations had just defined any person under 44 years of age as "young people"". I breathed a sigh of relief. I was a young official, the United Nations said so! Of course, this is perhaps one of the micro-blog people for gospel truth story, but at the age of 40 can be reborn as a youth, feeling is very good.

I summed up their experience, the Tao do want to do good, the first is to adhere to, another is with the point of art.

I’m from 09 years in March began to contact Taobao customer, see the introduction of Taobao customers earn commissions on the Internet, looked at the mother Tao top week income have tens of thousands of their own, excited, he managed to find ways to make money. At that time did not want to pull his own weight.


‘s speech, Wang Wei shared two stories, one about anger and the other about timing.

: "if you got this disease because of an idea and couldn’t sleep all night, it will eat the wrong fork into the cup and dish, like a parrot like the exciting people willing to listen to your ideas or you chatter without stop, guarding a secret for a long time, can’t hide. Well, that’s the best time. Timing is determined by your heart." He said.