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3 requires some security chain skills.

2 forum publicity skills, raiders.

this site looks wonderful and tiring, but it’s really nothing. Besides, making money isn’t recognized by the major engines. It’s a rather marginal thing. But it has a bright side, too.

2 web site is easy to be popularized, more netizens love pictures website, in addition to the image watermark, are easy to spread on the map.

              the reason to try, one is to discuss shlf1314 bidding operation, in addition, shlf1314 in October when shlf1314 Adwords opened gifts advertising activities inside the advertising is in the idle state, there is no suitable product, is used in the promote Taobao customers. However, the price effect is not ideal, the most important thing is not to click on, because the "search volume to acne products" such words in the shlf1314 are very small, so the long tail word amount is smaller, and some businesses are doing competition to promote their products, if the price is not particularly high if not what the basic flow. So, the higher the unit price, through the auction every day there are several traffic, but in the third days after the bidding adjustment, the natural ranking of all disappeared. At that time, suspicion and bidding have relations, because in the day appeared "go pox and India products" this word, the right side bidding row second, at the same time natural ranking second case. The question also asked ZAC, his answer is "although not 100% believe shlf1314, but so far has not found the natural ranking will be affected by the auction."." In any case, the ranking is no such thing, the flow is only a few from the bidding.

5 switching chain

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picture website development advantage lies in:

1 SEO practices, pictures website promotion, can not do without seo

I do "mainly anti acne products, key words choose" Douyin products "" Douyin products recommended "Douyin products list" these three words to do. The page was hung on one of my stations and was just experimenting. After the page is hung, two links are made. Second days, shlf1314 included, and in the first page, and then added a few links. About two weeks later, the main keywords to the top three positions, searches for the words are not large, daily flow of thirty or forty IP, but the conversion rate is also good, ranking up, every day can be a single conversion rate of about 3%. I choose the product commission ranging from 10 yuan –30 yuan, in addition, some businesses will adjust the commission rate according to the sales situation, so often to look at, adjust the page content, focus on the promotion of the good reputation of High Commission products. Ranking firmly maintained for nearly two months, because after all, the home page optimization of the limited number of keywords, so I decided to use shlf1314 Adwords to do long tail keywords ranking. In fact, the Commission said here about the relatively low product is not suitable for shlf1314 for a single, average earn 15 yuan, nearly 30 IP into a single, and one click cost shlf1314 dwords in more than 1 yuan.

1 editing and collation is very simple, mainly by pictures, pictures, quality and quantity, classification is more simple identification.

6 moves towards deep picture sites development realm

1 how to stop pornography, sexy pictures, how to grasp the art and reality of degree

In 2009 December,

4 needs to be updated regularly.

editor comments: the last sentence is classic,

made a single page to promote Taobao off products, two months into 48 single, though not much, still a small achievement, following the experience to write out a little experience and share personal.

a dead truth is:

5 promotes traffic with skill

2 requires a great deal of server resources and bandwidth resources.

4 pictures website earnings, bound SP, shlf1314 adsense


or stripped off, or funny, plus playing watermark, watermark, watermark, watermark…

Some shortcuts to

pictures sites,

3, image. and other search breakthroughs,

pictures website note: