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2, check whether there are violations posted

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finally Zac Zan Hui hope more players to gain experience, practical exploration, recently held duhugu CPS contest is a good opportunity for the station and SEOER to participate in the competition, get a commission to win prizes by combat.

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in October 15, 2011, to win the era of "Sun Guanghua" e-commerce conference, the Chinese SEO legend Zac Zan Hui presided over the two sides of the four SEO Summit Forum, the forum he SEOER how to find the trick to do CPS games expressed their views.

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post audit standards: 1, should check whether the post user posting is related to the product,

second: traffic is the most important link. How to do traffic, plainly, there are only two words: stick to it. However, there are still some breakthroughs in methodology.

first: the choice of products is very important. This problem needs to be solved offline, and SEOER can choose the product according to the characteristics of its website. Product selection is good, according to the product audience targeted flow. Traffic related to your final revenue, so it is also the most important node to do CPS.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

4, check whether the user posted irrigation

4. has nothing to do with comments,

3 check whether the contents of the same ID user posting are repeated

8. has the obscenity and pornography

success criteria: users should send product reviews related information, should be related to the products issued, the word in more than 50 words, in order to effective users, count as a successful user

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is another tool for search engines. In the case of sh419, such as sh419, sh419, sh419 Post Bar quiz library and so on were all used up, in the course of the actual operation of the process to go, can not simply copy and paste, so as not to let advertising is so stiff. In addition, forum, blog, micro-blog and Douding, watercress etc can make good use of these tools for as long as one, can bring a lot of traffic.

settlement cycle: monthly settlement

third: how to change traffic into income? Top experts in traffic conversion can not do one hundred percent, so be patient, and then pay attention to detail. Such as website details. In the interface settings, neat situation, advertising positions, such as digging deep fine cultivation, the interface should not be too abrupt. The best way is cottage, if you sell Dangdang advertising, then you will make your website page with Dangdang unified style. In the website, color collocation, buttons and other details to imitate, so that users have a sense of familiarity, intimacy.

, first of all, keyword operation, in the big brand keywords are very popular, ordinary small website simply can’t do the forefront. But not to say that there is no opportunity to take each guest as an example, it is mainly sold clothing, and if you can put some clothing related to the long tail keywords do up, then naturally there will be traffic. Such as "clothes matching," "clothes collocation", "what clothes to wear in autumn" and so on.

Zac Zan Hui believes that gold digging in the network, just a few simple steps, first is the product of second is the flow, third will flow into paying. In addition to the first SEO can not be solved, as long as the method is correct, SEO can easily let you achieve breakthroughs in CPS, resulting in increased revenue.

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