Compare the advantages and disadvantages of several traffic switching chainsWangzhuan essence is the

this way, I tried it in the last month, I pulled a sale off the line, a month on more than 100 U. s.dollars, and if you rely on PTR offline to get $100, I do not know how long it will take to achieve. Maybe it’s a theory that everyone knows, just to share it with you, maybe to do it. feeds

through the long tail theory, set a pile of small businesses to help him do marketing, promote sell his goods, and marketing promote need exposure, when advertising demand came out.

network is to build a profitable commodity in the Internet channel sales, in fact the quality of the goods is better than an important part of marketing, marketing is very complex and need for long-term business, so many businesses will take part into the network marketing channel.

CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC, CPM, PTR, PTC advertising model a layer down out, and the release of each layer must be advertising according to different products, different levels of adjustment, otherwise expensive advertising effect may be less than cheap advertising. Even free advertising.

now on the Internet, the flow of alliances is very large, there are individual organizations, companies have also held; there are new, there are old, multifarious. In the face of these flow alliance, novice is often helpless, I do not know how to choose which traffic as well: to join the alliance; alliance which traffic flow is true, does not deduct the amount; which can bring fast traffic flow alliance; alliance which traffic service to do more in place and so on, have no way of knowing, one by one to try it is a waste of time. I am coming, the trouble of a few months, only a few to figure out the basic flow of the league, so I will be following some experience using the flow accumulation of alliance and you do a share, and to provide some specific data as a reference, we hope to provide some reference and help for novice website traffic alliance.

‘s recommendations for choosing a traffic Alliance:

3, the selection of flow alliance try to select domain name of the site, many now.

to improve site traffic, often suffer from cannot find the way, often rush East West newbie drill, struggling to toss a few months, is not the way, look at their own hard to do the site, the poor little every day flow, do nothing. Well, the promotion of site traffic, there is no good way?. Certainly yes, in fact, to join the flow Union, traffic exchange is a good idea. For a good profit model, willing to do some upfront investment, this approach is particularly immediate. However, choosing a good traffic alliance is a key.

fantasy novel friendship!

2, we should pay attention to the stability of the flow union service: some traffic alliance may have declined, or for a long time no one has maintained, these traffic alliances suggest that you carefully choose. To judge whether the service of the alliance is stable or not, you can first update the data from the Alliance Web page, and the record time can be seen basically. For example, when the last announcement, the cost of clearing the last time, the last time the news site, and various links can normally open to judge whether or not a site to maintain the normal and stable operation, if people continue to be in management. If it is now 2009 February, the site’s update record will remain in 2008 May. We can imagine that such a website can provide you with timely and thoughtful service.

has a product / commodity to sell, and sales have many channels, physical stores, access, direct marketing, network access, etc…….

networks make money in the same way that the supply and demand in the real market are the same.

for one of the bottom ads, PTR. PTR this layer of advertising, advertising received most of the people who are to make money, consumers accounted for less, if you take PTR to consumer products, the effect must not pull off the assembly line, and PTR do not have to pull PTR, PTC line, you can put PTR and pull sale line node sale line must earn more than PTR down a lot more, pulled one or two brains from the PTR line, more far than 1000 ordinary pure PTR downline earn.

1, the selection of flow alliance try to select a longer operating time, the larger the alliance, a website operation time, basic can judge a pretty close from the domain name of the website, you can view the domain name registration time, the general domain name registered for a long time, should be the basic operating time long alliance. Check the domain name registration time can be obtained by viewing the WHOIS domain name, in addition, the amount collected and included in the earliest time through the search site search engine, also can be the site operation time have a basic judgment;