Food is more expensive in Cyprus and Greece compared to the EU

first_imgThe price level of a comparable basket of food and non-alcoholic beverages across the European Union (EU) was twice as high in the most expensive Member State than in the cheapest one in 2018.Food prices in Greece were 5.2 per cent above the EU average, according to Eurostat, at a time when disposable incomes in Greece have dropped during the economic crisis.In the category of milk, cheese and eggs, Cyprus has the highest levels, followed by Greece.Denmark had the highest price level for food and non-alcoholic beverages in the EU in 2018, at 130 per cent of the EU average, followed by Luxembourg and Austria (both 125 per cent), Ireland and Finland (both 120 per cent) and Sweden (117 per cent). At the opposite end of the scale, the lowest price levels were observed in Romania (66 per cent), Poland (69 per cent), Bulgaria (76 per cent), Lithuania (82 per cent), Czechia (84 per cent) and Hungary (85 per cent).Greece is also the most expensive country in the EU28 in telecommunications, including internet connections and telecom products.These data are published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img