How to make CPS advertising to make moneyDo Wangzhuan bidding more personal sense of career

The user group characteristics

now, for ordinary users of the website different from the steel crane for the enterprise such as B2B website will generally find the right CPS advertising, the current domestic CPS alliance Yiqifa largest, there are dozens of shopping sites, including books, audio and video, digital, mother, cosmetics, clothing, air tickets other types of goods, Home Furnishing, almost all Internet users can meet the shopping needs.

advertising alliance:

registration is a very waste of labor for the project Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friends are in a group, the main group commonly known as the boss will send you some tasks, let everyone to do registration to the salary is very low, but only for registered hand that can pay day, this kind of the registration task to see their time online, time registration, earn more, but I know for registration not a day can earn 10 yuan or more, and very strenuous.



example 2: Jane Zhang’s official website: janezhang/



2, high stickiness
generally, the biggest difference between CPC and CPS in CPC, click once on the formation of income, but only click on CPS is not enough, you may need a longer period of time, or even require the user to click multiple conversion orders, thus forming income, therefore, high viscosity of the website advertising CPS will take.

as a whole, I think the main factors that affect CPS delivery are the following:

has many websites tried CPS advertising, some earn a lot of money, very satisfied; some earn some money, but not as much money as other advertising, not satisfied; some did not make money, very dissatisfied;

example 1: ideal blue: blueidea/special/webstandards/

of course we toil, because we want to promote their own station every day, people who have some experience will know, do the network flow is ace, no traffic good advertising allows you to do is white, so we will get tired of every day because of traffic and half alive; customer service alliance? Make sure more than union station, why? Because every day they do not need to do too much work, give them the difference by advertisers advertising to earn money for their owners, owners tend to have higher income; who is the biggest winner? Of course you have to ask, advertisers, advertising advertisers to spend money, where to make money? Of course can make money, money is earned from our consumers, we give them publicity, advertising for them, the biggest winner is the advertiser and the whole think together, Income is a Pyramid shape, we are still the bottom of the station workers, but also the most tired coolies ourselves.


network has many people do Wangzhuan, do what kind of all have, registration, surfing, advertising, GG, bidding and so on; we can from another perspective to compare several Wangzhuan more than

the reason is because the CPS and CPC, SP are essentially different, we put on the CPC and SP are generally fixed mode: find a place to hang up the code, and then no matter; however, it can be said that those who do this CPS, some do not make money, CPS money. Must not do so;

many friends through the above two Wangzhuan, if there is progress it should be advertising alliance advertising, after before two Wangzhuan form, you will feel that advertising is more suitable for your Wangzhuan form, because some advertising price is very high, you will earn money from income point of view, but from another angle, you are not doing the toil? Why would anyone open Adsense? Who is the biggest winner? With these questions I have to do a

has a lot of GG now, but in fact, this project should count him into the advertising League, because >


surfing is a kind of money hook Wangzhuan project, is a friend to visit their own Wangzhuan account, after a fixed time to click on the ads can get points, thus using the integral change Wangzhuan project, this kind of project is to make money, rather than hanging, because of the amount of money can be settled the setting is very high, probably a few months to receive a salary, and your labor was basically out of proportion, if you want to use to surf the Internet part-time urged everyone to give up personal opinion.

1, that is to say with your website visitors is what kind of people, such as beauty website, then we can think of selling cosmetics is better, if the forum, so basically sell milk is more appropriate; there are a lot of books like the site, visitors are mostly reading people, so selling books is the most appropriate, according to statistics, the current month can gain more than 10 thousand review of the station is about 10 or so, be too numerous to enumerate 1000 yuan of above;