One who served as administrator of 9 Forums2011 Taobao off the road in where


huge single product competition, brand flagship store was all carved up, rest and do not want to be neither hot nor cold, or too difficult, or the profit is too low. In a word, the gold rush has been carved up.

a few days ago in the A5 Adsense online to see, there have been Adsense found, sh419 for Taobao still has new action. Before sh419 has ah, on-line, Taobao announced the ban sh419, don’t let sh419 spider crawl any content on Taobao. It is this giant dispute, it gave birth to the Taobao alliance this money making project, only Taobao customers such Adsense groups.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

, a clerk who served as 9 Forums

Turn to

The development of a community

in every community, bamboo plays a very important role, the moderator of the level of knowledge, personality, sense of responsibility in various stages of community development has extremely important role. This community moderator should understand that one of the basic principles is the webmaster is a users service role in the community, the community is most selfless, at the same time as the moderator is a friend, show your personality, your level of knowledge of the opportunity to test. Although he sometimes appears not the true self in society, but their behavior is human behavior, there are cunning, deceit, kind, friendly, hanging, warmth, worldly-wise and play safe and provocative, cold, warm, decadent, boring, * * * *, how to show your character in a variety of middle management level. Decide your management of the jar of prosperity, decline and dead, determine your jar full of vigour, style.

What is the overall style, the

jar style and purpose determines the jar’s topic, also determines your jar target population, they are interested in the topic of people. The moderator should under the jar’s purpose, style show your level of management, how to attract more users, how to stimulate discussion of users actively participate in a variety of topics, how to shape the jar’s temperament. As a moderator, you should always communicate with other moderators or community management, and keep abreast of changes in the community, and seek support.

2. how to attract more users?

however, when the novice webmaster almost all started from the Taobao, when everyone came rushing in, only to find that this is a red sea.

big brands, high commission flagship store is basically divided up, and more importantly, sh419 also come in. This is sh419’s new action.

mention Taobao guest, no webmaster don’t know. However, in 2009, Taobao customers have not been the old Adsense eyes. Until last year, a lot of Taobao customers to earn money easily, only more and more people pay attention to Taobao customers this line of business.

one pattern after another has gone down. Crown crown competition; API was a large-scale ban; profits products less; only a single product or promotion for the new store, there is a little hope of making money. However, this area also became a sea of blood.


drill for sh419 Taobao included zero vulnerabilities, Taobao customer sites such as rain water, in the sh419 live leisurely and carefree, day heights width. A variety of Taobao guest station model in full swing. Crown shop rankings, Golden Delicious shop Daquan, API calls, XX ten major products, XX flagship store, XX official website and so on came into being. You stepped down, our debut, let Taobao customers money model interpretation of the most incisive.

let Taobao customers headache more than just looking for the right project, as well as more and more difficult to do SEO, against sh419 uncle.

sh419, a few happy tears. As a webmaster, especially in order to make money Taobao customers, Adsense, sh419 is a step but the threshold. Maiguo A and a, enter today, tomorrow is out. For Taobao passengers, sh419 is hanging on top of Damour’s sword of damocles. Whether to make money in sh419 one update between.

look at the screenshot:

many Taobao guest webmaster perhaps already understand, in the eyes of sh419, our website weight is difficult to withstand Taobao mall. Why is this phenomenon, perhaps because Taobao mall enabled tmall new domain name, rather than Taobao’s two level domain name?