‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Is Still Majestic in VR

first_img Considering the somewhat limited nature of Labo VR (both the modest power of the tech and the fact the headset is made of cardboard) we initially figured Nintendo would just keep it limited to the bite-sized experiences that came with the kit. After all, as fun as it was, comparisons between Labo and more powerful virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index wouldn’t do Nintendo any favors.And yet just days later Nintendo revealed that two of the Switch’s biggest games would be getting substantial VR support. Super Mario Odyssey got a handful of VR levels that felt like throwbacks to Super Mario 3D Land. Meanwhile, you can play all of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in should you choose to.Now, another unexpected Nintendo Switch heavy-hitter has entered the VR battle. A recent update brings VR support to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it kind of rules?Presumably to keep up performance and prevent players from becoming sick, you don’t have access to all of Smash Bros.’ chaotic content. In VR mode items and Final Smash attacks are disabled (making it accidentally perfect for tournament play), matches must have a time limit, and you can only play against (or just watch) the CPU offline. Your stage selection is also limited.But besides that, this is full-fat Super Smash Bros. Ultimate right in front of your face. You quickly realize that the stages that are here are the ones where the team went out of their way to create an immersive 3D space that doesn’t just stop at the edge of a 2D screen. Previously, messing around with the camera would let you see beyond these boundaries. But now seeing the entire Nintendogs living room, the vast sky around you in Pilotwings, and the full length of the Great Plateau is easy and intuitive as moving your head.Moving your head also lets you keep track of your character as they dart around the screen and get blasted into the air. It’s a thrilling panorama. Granted, the new camera angle makes it tougher to see what’s happening at the edge, putting you at a disadvantage for both recovery and edge-guarding. But even still I was able to crush level nine computers with my trusty main Ganondorf. It’s a testament to the game’s visual design, too, that the action is still clear and comprehensible despite the drastically lower resolution. After playing this, we totally believe the rumor that Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai was considering an offer from Oculus to make VR games.VR support (along with some sneaky Pichu nerfs) comes free as part of the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.1 update. For more on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate read our review and browse our guide on every character in the game.Buy Super Smash Bros. UltimateBuy Nintendo Labo VR KitView as: One Page Slides1/761. Read Mario’s Guide2. Read Donkey Kong’s Guide3. Read Link’s Guide4. Read Samus’s Guide5. Read Dark Samus’s Guide6. Read Yoshi’s Guide7. Read Kirby’s Guide8. Read Fox’s Guide9. Read Pikachu’s Guide10. Read Luigi’s Guide11. Read Ness’s Guide12. Read Captain Falcon’s Guide13. Read Jigglypuff’s Guide14. Read Peach’s Guide15. Read Daisy’s Guide16. Read Bowser’s Guide17. Read Ice Climbers’ Guide18. Read Sheik’s Guide19. Read Zelda’s Guide20. Read Dr. Mario’s Guide21. Read Pichu’s Guide22. Read Falco’s Guide23. Read Marth’s Guide24. Read Lucina’s Guide25. Read Young Link’s Guide26. Read Ganondorf’s Guide27. Read Mewtwo’s Guide28. Read Roy’s Guide29. Read Chrom’s Guide30. Read Mr. Game and Watch’s Guide31. Read Meta Knight’s Guide32. Read Pit’s Guide33. Read Dark Pit’s Guide34. Read Zero Suit Samus’s Guide35. Read Wario’s Guide36. Read Snake’s Guide37. Read Ike’s Guide38. Read Pokemon Trainer’s Guide39. Read Diddy Kong’s Guide40. Read Lucas’s Guide41. Read Sonic’s Guide42. Read King Dedede’s Guide43. Read Olimar’s Guide44. Read Lucario’s Guide45. Read R.O.B.’s Guide46. Read Toon Link’s Guide47. Read Wolf’s Guide48. Read Villager’s Guide49. Read Mega Man’s Guide50. Read Wii Fit Trainer’s Guide51. Read Rosalina and Luma’s Guide52. Read Little Mac’s Guide53. Read Greninja’s Guide54. Read Mii Fighters’ Guide55. Read Palutena’s Guide56. Read Pac-Man’s Guide57. Read Robin’s Guide58. Read Shulk’s Guide59. Read Bowser Jr.’s Guide60. Read Duck Hunt’s Guide61. Read Ryu’s Guide62. Read Cloud’s Guide63. Read Corrin’s Guide64. Read Bayonetta’s Guide65. Read Inkling’s Guide66. Read Ridley’s Guide67. Read Simon’s Guide68. Read Richter’s Guide69. Read King K. Rool’s Guide70. Read Isabelle’s Guide71. Read Ken’s Guide72. Read Incineroar’s Guide73. Read Piranha Plant’s Guide74. Read Joker’s Guide75. Read Hero’s Guide76. Read Banjo and Kazooie’s Guide ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President Stay on targetlast_img