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so, we belong to the death squads. The fear of others did not dare to go, we are not afraid of death, and die.

YY was listed in November 21, 2012, and we call it "121" for short". 121, march. At that time, the whole American stock market was in a very bad state. Everyone doubts that YY will not go, or suspected to break up, the expectations of the entire market is relatively low. In the week of YY listed in the U.S. stock market with about 7 companies to seek listing, which has 4 directly back, did not appear; 1 have more than 18 times oversubscribed, but listed on the same day fell 18% and 1; their offer price by 3 dollars.

4, fill in personal data. In the information filling, whether to write true information is the most concern of novice. The proposal is rich uncle Mao provinceregion to fill out the real information, home address, don’t write with, as I often fill in the registration address is Hunan province Chenzhou region, post encoding wrote 423000 Urban post encoding, our city popular, which in the provinces what to write, do not engage in other provinces and regions. There are mobile phone number is also easily filled, because the mobile phone is directly related to their privacy, it is best not to fill in the real data, and these data and not Wangzhuan more directly linked. Must fill in the true information is their Alipay accounts email, Alipay account real name, it is very important to receive the money must fill in the true and don’t make mistakes, make a lot of friends do not receive money because these two places. number also remember to fill in the real, easy to contact the webmaster.

at that time, I had a lot of emotion, that is, impermanence of life, there are many things you can not decide. Can you decide who will be president of the United States? Can you decide whether Sandy will come or not? It’s not something I can do. The biggest influence on me of these two things is that I must do what I can control my fate.

5, the confirmation of the recommender. General web sites are recommended column, it is recommended that the novice do not delete, this recommendation column is your on-line, no impact on your income, may also be available

1 is about Wangzhuan project selection. Chinese click Wangzhuan is the biggest characteristic of the new special, is not a stable station of dragons and fishes jumbled together. Beginner can look at the rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan station in Chinese click Wangzhuan project, specifically for the novice rich uncle Mao and the launch of the column, the novice can recommend the project started from Mao rich uncle detours.

when we first went to America, we happened to meet typhoon Sandy. Guangzhou also often typhoon, I think the United States and Guangzhou typhoon should be about the same, but did not expect, after the typhoon, Americans do not go to work, an investor did not see, even the phone is not connected. We went to 5 people, and the cost of staying at the hotel would cost US $500 a day. After 3 days there, I think it’s better to go back and go back and do something. Unexpectedly, the airport has been grounded, tickets have been bought can go first, we may not be able to go. Finally, we drove for 19 hours to Chicago, where we flew back. That was the longest time I went to the airport during my experience.

YY listing is not a turning point,



and the capital market in the United States the reason for the China stock less admitted that there are two main reasons: first, they are afraid to "steal", fear of financial data fraud; second, they are afraid of "dark grab", you think, you buy a stock, one day suddenly disappeared, although the stock was placed the company has been in the pocket, do not know who belong to.

more than that, YY encountered many other twists and turns during its listing.

2, user name selection. The user name is your first step in Wangzhuan station to make money, you must register the website to become a member in which can make money. Recommended novice pick a six digit or more letters or letters and numbers of the account website general provisions of the general membership account is four characters and twelve characters and each station with the same account, so it is easy to remember and never forget, also easy to form their own characteristics.

investment bank also said that before the election, the market situation is not good, we all care about who is president, who cares about you, YY is not listed, you have to wait until after the U. S. general election. I think so. After Obama’s re-election, the United States stock index fell for 3 days. This is not a single stock decline, the stock index fell, meaning extraordinary.

takes shares in the U.S. capital markets when the collective fear, how YY successfully listed? Review of entrepreneurial experience, and Li Xueling in what

3, about password design. Rich uncle Mao does not encourage members are always with a registered password, because the same password easily compromised causing unnecessary losses to you. In the design of the password you can use one of their own easy to remember passwords as a basis, on this basis, plus you easy to understand easy to memorize the character changes on OK, which can not only protect the password security, nor will each code written in a notebook. The most important thing to protect your password is to attract attention from your friends.

as long as you have a Alipay account and time and enough online you can click Wangzhuan project in Chinese. Many beginner often to the rich uncle Mao consultation website registration problems, because the hair rich uncle Internet time is limited, cannot answer today, through this platform to the webmaster Wangzhuan novice to do a simple explanation, hope the beginner can quickly on the road, experience the fun of making money on the net.