Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘Men in Black’ Toys

first_img After a period of prolonged hibernation, Men in Black is back for a fourth installment, this one stepping away from Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith to introduce a new generation of sharp-dressed alien wranglers in Men in Black: International. The franchise, based on a 1990 comic book series, has always been extremely toyetic, with clever alien designs, sweet vehicles and dope weapons. Stock up your own secret bunker with our guide to the best Men in Black toys on the market. We won’t even wipe your memory afterwards.Agent Sidearm Prop ReplicaThis thing will cost you a few hundred bones, but man is it cool. The gleaming chrome aesthetic of the Agents’ tools is a big part of the Men in Black franchise, and this 1:1 scale, completely accurate prop replica of their trusty sidearm has it in droves. Made from die-cast and machined metal for heft and durability, the pistol measures 19 inches in length and comes with a bunch of cool battery-operated features including a safety indicator, firing flash and LED barrel illumination along with sound effects taken directly from the movie’s files.Get it at Amazon.comAgent H and Agent M Funko PopsWe’re pretty psyched that two of our favorite actors, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, are taking on the roles of the lead agents in the new MIB movie. Obviously the folks over at Funko feel the same way, as they’ve already got Pops on the market depicting the pair in full uniform. You know the drill for these by now — a little under four inches tall with a big square head and expressionless black eyes, each one sold in a box that true collectors will never open for maximum stackability.Get it at Amazon.comDiecast 1964 Ford GalaxieIf you’re hunting down rogue aliens, you need a sweet ride to do it in. The 1964 Ford Galaxie driven by Agent K in Men in Black 3 is a classic example of the golden age of American full-size automobiles, a tribute to the Space Race with sleek design for the time. In the flick, this vehicle had housings for a pair of hidden motorcycles underneath it as well as a bunch of other cool features. Alas, those things are still classified, but what you get is an exact 1/18 replica of the car as it looked in the movie, and that’s got to be good enough.Get it at Amazon.comWorm Guy Premium Motion StatueThe “worm guys” are the de facto mascots of the Men In Black franchise, coffee-drinking creatures with long skinny bodies and perverse imaginations. The Agency seems to tolerate these guys hanging out in the break room mooching off of their resources, and after they proved popular the second film had them in a more plot-essential role. This high-end statue is crafted from heavyweight polyresin and stands seven inches tall including base. A spring-mounted mechanism in the creature’s torso allows it to gently wobble around with a touch, if you decide to take it out of its box.Get it at Amazon.comAgent J Masterpiece Action FigureAs the point-of-view character in the first movie, Will Smith’s Agent J learns that aliens have lived among us for decades, and the U.S government maintains a tenuous peace with dozens of extraterrestrial races. This is a seriously high-end figure from Hong Kong company Enterbay. Sculpted at 1/6 scale, the figure stands a foot tall with movie-accurate sculpting authorized by Smith himself. It comes with four pairs of interchangeable hands, removable sunglasses, weapons and Frank the dog wearing a pair of trademark M.I.B. shades himself.Get it at Amazon.comAgent K Masterpiece Action FigureFrom the same manufacturer, here’s a 1/6 scale take on Tommy Lee Jones’ crusty Agent K from the first movies. The body sculpt uses Enterbay’s new RM-6 body with 40 points of durable articulation. Yes, Agent K isn’t really the kind of guy who goes in for outrageous physical motion, but you’re in charge here. Another cool thing about this line is that each head is individually hand-painted, leading to some of the best likenesses we’ve ever seen. Agent K comes with four pairs of hands, a variety of weapons including the Noisy Cricket, and a tailored fabric outfit including tie and belt with buckle!Get it at Amazon.comEdgar Funko PopThe main antagonist of the first Men in Black film, Edgar is a cockroach-like alien who hides inside the body of a poor chump of a farmer as he hunts down the Arquillian Galaxy to spark a cosmic civil war. His true form is repugnant on its own, but somehow Edgar looks even worse while he’s camouflaged, as Vincent D’Onofrio’s saggy skin doesn’t fit all that well over his folded-up exoskeleton. This is one of our favorite Funko Pops, with lots of gruesome details and a sweet paint job. Just look at those mandibles peeking out from inside his mouth!Get it at Amazon.comFrank The Pug FigureAliens in the Men in Black franchise have to disguise themselves while they wander the Earth so as not to blow the sweet setup they’ve got going. One of the first moments in the film that lets you know things aren’t what they seem is the introduction of alien informant Frank, who occupies the form of an ordinary pug dog. The character was intended to just be a bit gag, but director Barry Sonnenfeld liked his performance so much he brought him back for the sequel. This bobblehead-style figure captures Frank wearing his honorary Men In Black outfit.Get it at Amazon.comAgent G Bishoujo StatueKotobukiya’s oddball Bishoujo statue line has a simple remit: take pop culture characters from all over the place and re-interpret them as foxy females in absurd poses. Their take on the Men in Black franchise introduces a new agent, code-named G, and puts her on the city streets armed with a Neuralizer to wipe the memories of any civilians who might have noticed the tentacle squiggling up from the sewers. The high-quality statue is sculpted by Gill Gill from designs by Shunya Yamashita and stands eight inches tall.Get it at Amazon.comNoisy Cricket ReplicaWhen Agent J first picks up the Noisy Cricket in Men in Black, he’s not terribly impressed. But this alien weapon packs a hell of a punch. The wee little chrome derringer packs a serious punch, and is often given to rookies in the organization as a way of hazing them due to its incredible recoil. This replica isn’t going to throw you through the windshield of a taxicab, but it does have all the accent lights and movie-authentic sound effects that you’d expect so you can freak out your co-workers at least.Get it at Amazon.comMore on Deadliest ‘Assassin’s Creed’ ToysThe Endgame of ‘Avengers’ ToysThe Most Ruling ‘Game of Thrones’ Toys Stay on target Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘South Park’ ToysThe New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet Long last_img