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however, according to the Internet traffic monitoring agency Alexa monitoring data show that, after entering August, Sina, micro-blog traffic tends to steady, while single user page view has continued to decline since September.

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, after two years of explosion, ordinary micro-blog users were fed up with the complexity of the information and gossip. The view is that, including Sina, micro-blog, including the big micro-blog, must find a healthy, self – growth model.

profit worries: next year, there will be substantial revenue


not long ago, Sina CEO and President Cao Guowei said the first time micro-blog may exist six business models, which are interactive advertising, social games, real-time search, wireless value-added services, e-commerce platform and digital content.

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at the same time, Sina, Tencent and Sohu and other micro-blog are not commercial operations, is still in the continuous investment period.

, a net friend, told reporters that he used to spend a lot of time on micro-blog every day, and now he rarely log in once a week.

14, Sina fell 5.05%, to close at $54.13, the intraday record of nearly 52 weeks low, this is Sina’s second consecutive trading days low innovation. In this regard, the economist Han Zhiguo said yesterday in micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog must carry out a major strategic adjustment, otherwise the stock will be hit back to prototype.

According to Sina

worries about heat: 15 million fans are not as good as 150 thousand fans

Tencent three quarter earnings revealed that it will further invest in strategic products, including micro-blog. Some analysts pointed out that Tencent, micro-blog as a support Tencent social structure, did not carry too much commercial pressure.

currently, Sina, Tencent and Sohu and other micro-blog are not commercial operations, is still in the continuous investment period.

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Han Zhiguo at micro-blog said, "Oh a star" will bring million times forwards of the era of the past, "Chen Yao micro-blog gold with 15 million fans as 150 thousand fans of Wu Jiaxiang".

‘s third quarter earnings this year show that as of the end of September, Sina micro-blog more than 227 million registered users, and exceeded 250 million in the near future. U. S. stock analysis pointed out that sina, micro-blog is undoubtedly the biggest impact on Sina’s stock price in the past year, Sina, micro-blog’s valuation is $1 billion 970 million.

and Zhang Zhaoyang has admitted that Sohu on micro-blog is "a misstep, eternal regret," a late ten step".

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, "Jocie Guo incident", "Wang Gongquan elopement", "Jobs’s death" and other news, once again detonated Sina, micro-blog. But now ordinary micro-blog users are becoming bored with complex information and gossip.

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